You See Cricket in UC Cricket!

UC browser 1It all started with catching up the headlines in newspaper the next day, to live commentary on radio, followed by live telecast with some glitches on national television, and now we are here now, having the live score updates and even the live telecast of our favourite cricket match within our palms!

There are many applications, that bring ‘personalized’ cricket, but none as good, as better, as best as UC Cricket does! UC Cricket from UC Browser brings the best of cricket happenings, from across the world, to our palms.

uc brow 2Imagine the time, when your favourite rival teams are clashing, and you need to be clashing with the assignments at office. The various websites that update the minute-by-minute score and stream the live match are blocked! And there are none, patient enough to update you with latest score, or the last wicket, or the just hit boundary.

Or that Saturday evening IPL match, when the team from your home place and the team from your staying place, clash and then, the biggest dilemma of your life, is not choosing between them, but thinking of how to get the latest score update, while shopping with your fiancee!

uc brow 3Or the final day of the test match, across the hemisphere, heading to a nail biting finish, with no idea of how luck would favour any of the teams. And you are required to travel that very night to attend that very important meeting. Half your friends are unaware of such a match, and the rest have their phones silent, or switched off, or fast asleep!

This is the era of smartphones, which make our lives smart. One of the best features of these smartphones are the various applications which aid in making our lives smarter. There are apps that are mediocre and then there are apps that are super-smart! And one of that league is UC Browser. A browser from where one can Surf it All! Surf it Fast!

uc brow 4UC Cricket is one of the best features that UC Browser can offer. UC Cricket provides live updates, discussions, sharing options, special videos, and lots and lots of other options, to choose from!

With UC Cricket from UC Browser, you enjoy the match in solitude, along with muting that boring review call at midnight, at office!

Or enjoy the Saturday date with your fiancee, and also getting immediate updates about the IPL clash that you were awaiting! A clear win-win.

uc brow 5And what can describe that feel, when the train is running into the darkness of cold night, and you are cosily lying on the berth, with UC Cricket updating your favourite match scores!

Get the UC Browser from here – and get to UC Cricket. Change your phone from smart to smarter! And click on those screenshots of UC Cricket from UC Browser all along, taken from my Lumia phone.

UC Browser – Surf it All! Surf it Fast! 


God Bless


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