Drafting #5 of 100 H-Days

So i’ve signed up for the A to Z Blogging Challenge April 2014, as you can see its flavour all around in most of the blogs, including mine.

Publishing a post everyday, for an entire month is definitely a tedious task, let alone working on a theme, along the English alphabetical order! And here comes my saviour, the drafting and scheduling option in WordPress.

Completing the drafts for a week’s posts for the A to Z Challenge theme is an awesome thing to do, and it deserves a blog post 😀 Moreover I may run short of days in 2014 to post my 100 Happy Days, by the speed I do it and here is one of my many Happy Days!


God Bless


A to Z Blogging Challenge – April 2014 – Theme Reveal

And here comes…The A to Z Blogging Challenge April 2014! I had managed to scrape through the A to Z Blogging Challenge of  April 2013, the summary of which could be found here. And I’m back, with a little more confidence 😉

After signing up for the Challenge, I sat thinking of some particular theme, on which I could post for the month of April from A to Z. And not a single un-silly idea flashed!

And just like that, I got an idea. My latest post was a poem ‘And she said’. So why not I post about what people say. Still more refinement – what people say – what people say more often – what people have said often – what people have said about me – WOW I GOT IT!

I’ll be posting on ‘Comments I’ve Received‘. I’ve already made a list of the same, collecting some from my Facebook posts, some from various feedbacks that I had received/ receiving at home/ school/ college/ office/ neighbourhood/ etc/ etc.., and some from memory.

Hope I could express more about me, and actually find more about myself in this journey! And also complete the challenge successfully. Wishing all the best to all other fellow bloggers participating in this challenge.


God Bless