These I love

Just sharing a list of few that I love…

– Parents and Grandparents 🙂
– God
– Myself
– Friends
– Rain
– Chocolates
– Bloggingcropped-bg1.jpg
– F.R.I.E.N.D.S
– Food, but vegetarian, wannabe vegan. It’s easy to be vegetarian in India, but quite hard to be vegan!
– Quora
– My blog 😉
– Many blogs and bloggers 🙂
– Frozen movie. Actually a stress buster for me.
– Olaf 😉
– Queen Elsa. Guys adore some Disney princesses too 😉 Wait, Elsa is a queen!
– Bangalore and Chennai. Hard to choose any one.
– Train journeys
– Sleeping
– Sketching
– Paav Bhaji
– Inception movie. Another stress buster.
– Derping 😀 <meaning>
– Doughnuts
– Animation. Love to model few in 3DS Max
– Newspapers, for their dynamic content and a fresh one every day.
– Magazines, for the same reason as above, but a fresh one every fortnight, or month.
– The Lord of the Rings, books first, and then the movies
– Curd, with rice or chapati or bread or noodles or chips or chocolates or dal, or with anything, or just curd!
– Doodling
– Nostalgia
– Harry Potter, but i’m partial to LOTR always.
– M.S.Subbulakshmi, her divine voice can bring calm at any situation!
– Cashew Pakoras
– How I Met Your Mother
– New books, and their smell
– My first ring. I was inspired by LOTR and bought a similar gold ring
– My typewriter. I don’t use it anymore, but it was so much fun while using it.
– Hibiscus and Lily. These, my favourite flowers.
– Alaipayuthey movie. Evergreen romantic one.
– Hot, crisp dosas with Mysore sweet sambar
– Smileys. I used to use a lot of them, but not that much now.
– Tirupati Laddu. Divinity, ecstasy!
– Driving on bridges, flyovers
– Temple Tanks
– Beaches
– William Shakespeare
– Keychains
– Black shirts
– Samosa
– Kachori
– Kaju Katli
– WordPress 😛
– Twitter
– Tweeting
– Typing
– MasturDating <check this>
– Let it go!
– Upma
– Hot, crispy Papads
– Chill mornings
– Warm mornings
– Moderate mornings..extremely sorry! 😀

– the list will get updated occasionally and never end!


I'd be happy if you left behind a line or two..

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