50 Crushes

Life is all about living and loving. And here I present a list of fifty, which are so dear to me and makes my life sustainable.

♥ Google
♥ Mirror 😀
♥ Skyscrapers
♥ Orbit (chewing gum :D)
♥ WordPress 😉
♥ Coffee
♥ Hills
♥ Dancing (alone in a locked room :D)
♥ White (colour)
♥ The Hindu (Newspaper)
♥ Gaming
♥ Train Journey
♥ Beach
♥ Travelling
♥ Internet
♥ English
♥ Prayer
♥ Animated Movies
♥ Humour
♥ Colours
♥ Chilli Bhajji
♥ Art
♥ YouTube
♥ Singing
♥ Photoshop
♥ Cousins
♥ Friends
♥ Samosa
♥ Shouting :O
♥ Rain
♥ Pav-Bhaaji
♥ My Black T-Shirt
♥ Chocolate
♥ RajiniKanth
♥ Photography
♥ Animation
♥ Facebook
♥ Bangalore
♥ Blogging
♥ Thamizh
♥ Cricket
♥ The Chennai Bloggers Club
♥ Thachi Mummum (Curd Rice)
♥ Chennai
♥ Music
♥ Novels
♥ Parents
♥ Grand-Parents
♥ Myself
♥ God


God Bless

P.S. This is the fastest post I’ve ever done till date 🙂


50 Reasons I love Chennai

Of late, I came across some posts which gave reasons to love this, and love that, and I wanted to compile my own list of reasons to love one of my favourite cities – Chennai. And here goes the 50..

50 T.Nagar – Pondy Bazaar, Usman Road, Ranganathan Street, etc

the crowd may seem eww, but moving along with the crowd need a superpower

49 Malls – Spencer, Citi Center, EA, Ampa

good old Spencer to the latest Phoenix

48 Traffic jams

horrible, but enjoyable in certain situations 😉

47 Short spells of Rain

short and sweet

46 Moore Market

books, books and books

45 Cooum (Adyar too) 😛

i’m not completely insane

44 OMR

love the traffic

43 Vinayagar Chaturthi Immersion Processions

divine fun

42 Flooded roads during rain

ferrying on a two wheeler

41 MTC A/C Bus ride on a summer day

a journey to heaven

40 Alliance Francais

un de mes preferes

39 Kovalam

waves and rocks

38 Vandalur Zoo

perfect getaway

37 Harbour

its glitter at night!

36 In and Around Anna Nagar Roundtana

very much happening

35 Bridges (Napier, Thiru Vi Ka, Kotturpuram and many)

space under your feet

34 Boat Club

a wet ride

33 Queensland

clam, yet thrilling

32 Lighthouse

stands tall amidst the sands

31 Pulicat

birds and boats

30 Koyambedu Market

chaos and fruits, crowd and flowers, confusion and vegetables

29 Mahabalipuram

architecture and heritage

28 Banners and Flags

colourful, all around

27 Sowcarpet Pav Bhaji


26 Auto and Share Auto

not bad always

25 Subways

too lazy to use one 😀

24 Mylapore

temple and the tank

23 Nanganallur Anjaneyar


22 Flyovers

eager to use them!

21 Crocodile Park

the crocs laze, and you gaze

20 Parrys Corner

not quite a corner

19 Kollywood


18 ECR

a long drive

17 T.Nagar TTD

govinda govinda _/_

16 Sathyam Cinemas

my all time fav

15 Kalakshetra

rhythms and reverberations  

14 M.A.Chidambaram Stadium

if cricket is religion, this is a pilgrimage spot

13 Parakkum Rail (MRTS)

zipping through

12 Central Railway Station

the gateway

11 Broken Bridge

memories unbroken

10 Marina Beach

sea, sand, sundal

9 Guindy National Park

lungs at the heart

Chennai Super Kings

whistle podu!

7 Food

idli, sambar, dosa chutney..

6 Panagal Park (and others too)

natesan park, jeeva park, nageswara rao park, et al

5 Margazhi Music Season

nectar in the ears

4 Tiruvallikeni

where time and tide does wait

3 Elliots Beach

the beach and the promenade!


you may hate, but still long for it

1 Chennai Thamizh (Madras Bhaashe)

listu shoka kidha? 😀

All the above mentioned have a deep significance in my life and love all of them a lot, that I would indeed wish to write a post on each of the 50. Of course some of them might be ridiculous, but it’s that ridiculous part which adds flavour to life.


God Bless