Kaal Trilogy

My thoughts on the Kaal Trilogy book series authored by Sangeeta Bahadur.

It was a fine but boring Friday evening in the last week of October 2013. With not much of assignments, I hopped into the Landmark showroom (sad the Landmark showrooms are closed for long, now) at the office cafeteria. It was there that I saw this book ‘Jaal’. The book was unheard, and I hadn’t known about its author Sangeeta Bahadur too. Jaal was the first book in the Kaal Trilogy series. The book’s synopsis seemed good, the reviews in GoodReads were few but promising, and I went ahead to buy it.

Honestly saying, I read, re-read, and re-read the first 100-120 pages of this novel of about 450 pages, for almost 20 times! The narration started midway, and ended abruptly. There wasn’t any link between the chapters, and it was really tough maintaining a connection with the flow. But the fruit of this effort was more than the energy spent. The pace picked up after the first quarter of the book. The loose ends got taut, and all things made sense, and only increasing the suspense and the thrill of what comes next!

Jaal is about a teenaged boy named Arihant, who is sent on a journey by his parents. The purpose of the journey is unknown to us, and Arihant too! Along the journey, he discovers several facts about himself, about life, makes new friends, experiences several adventures, loses the path, and so on. We travel with him along too, to experience all these emotions. There are few subplots, which only enhance the mystery of the journey.

There are slight similarities to The Fellowship Of The Ring, with the protagonist going on an adventurous journey, with some friends. But in Jaal, the final destination is unknown, the purpose of the journey is unknown too, to Arihant and us! Jaal started with a whimper, and ended with a majestic bang, leaving behind a great suspense, thrill and expectation of what is going to happen? what should happen? who is going to make it happen?

The old book and the new book. Differences are so obvious!

I loved this book to a great extent, though I have a feel that, this book wasn’t marketed well! So much that the second book in this series Vikraal was launched in May 2015 without any fanfare, and I came know of it, last week (unlike the other books, trilogies, etc; not mentioning or specifying any in particular 😉 ) My instant reaction was to order the book, and had it delivered today.

I’m yet to start reading this book, and would definitely return back after finishing, with what this book contains (oh but, no spoilers! you can thank or scold me for that 🙂 )


God Bless


4 thoughts on “Kaal Trilogy

  1. Hey, Kaushik! Just came across your blog today, and thought I’d say a big thank you! I was really thrilled to know that you enjoyed Jaal so much. Hope Vikraal also came up to your expectations. Do let me know, please. As for the launch without much fanfare – well, Pan MacMillan are rather laid back on that front, although they did organize soft launches in a few cities and interviews in various newspapers and magazines. Maybe you didn’t come across any – which only confirms my own view of their efforts in that field! For the final book, Mahakaal, I’m planning to take matters into my own hands. Meanwhile, there are talks going on for turning the Kaal Trilogy into a TV mini-series. Touch wood!

    Thanks once again for your very encouraging review – truly appreciated.

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    1. It’s a great pleasure ma’am. I’m very happy that my opinions have been acknowledged by the author. I loved reading Jaal and Kaal very much. I’m eagerly awaiting for Mahakaal! And very much excited about the Kaal Trilogy series also.


      1. So how was Vikraal, Kaushik? Did it meet your expectations? I have just finished the manuscript of Mahakaal and am in the self-editing mode right now. Hopefully, it won’t be too long before it becomes available.


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