Review, Opinion, Take or however you take it

And I got to watch Interstellar yesterday. Your timeline would be filled with the reviews, opinions, what was understood, what wasn’t understood, what needs to be understood, what he thought, what she did, this, that about that movie. Yes, it was almost worth all these hype. And I don’t want to add more to this overdosage of information.

Im not that much of a movie buff. I wouldn’t have written much about movies too in my blog. Anyway I’m a closeted Nolan fan (very few of my friends knew it, and now you)

Along the movie I couldn’t stop myself from comparing it with some other ones, though I did enjoy it. And I didn’t feel it was as confusing as expected (I’m waiting to lay my hands on that idiot who said Interstellar is going to be 10 times more complex than Inception..Grrrr) Should be because I concentrated well.

As said earlier, some movies that I got reminded were Space Odessey, Contact, Inception, Total Recall, Zathura, Gravity, Avatar. Still Interstellar made a mark of its own and will stay as an amazing movie. But Inception will always be a more awesome movie for me because…

The last 1 second of Inception increased my awe and respect for it, by a huge exponent!
The last 1 minute of Interstellar decreased my awe for it, by a few rounds!


God Bless


Univercell Sync!

Kaitav wanted to celebrate his 23rd birthday by gifting a new phone to himself. Of course mobile phones could be ordered online and get it delivered at your doorstep, but he wanted to have a ‘personalized’ hands-on with the phone that he was to buy. So he hit the nearby mobile phone showroom to check out the phones. The showroom was spacious and looked good. The phones were arranged according to their brands, neatly over the spotless white racks. Seems good enough, but something is missing…

Shaila wanted to gift a good phone accessory to her friend. There was a wide variety of options available over the e-commerce websites. But she wanted to ‘experience’ the gadget she intended to buy, before gifting it to her pal. The showroom nearby had a range of such items. Different phone accessories from different brands, with varied specifications were on display. Awesome, but the lack of something is obvious…

As you should have guessed by now, the something that is missing in and linking both the cases is a ‘personalized experience’ of a particular gadget that one wished to purchase. Many showrooms may come close in delivering a personalized experience but none as much as the new Univercell Sync does!

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New Venture..

Now that my final semester is over for good..and i’m free till I get that evasive call letter, I decided to do something interesting, which should also be a bit useful ( either to me or the society 😛 )

And ideas poured in from several quarters. Some good, some really good, some crap, some epic crap!! The ones who gave those ideas were not ready to do or implement it but they had loads to advice me. Maybe they thought of making me a scrap goat to test those waters. Well, it happens and I did have a small lump inside my head and it said me to ignore all those and do something different.

After a small amount of investigations ( my own ), I decided to join an animation course. I can’t say it as an idea which came all of a sudden. Doing something related to animation was lingering in my mind, for a long time and this was the right time to utilize for it.

Already being exposed to a little of 2D animation and being familiar with Flash MX, I joined a course for 3D s Max, a popular software used for 3D animation at high levels.

And trust me.., animation is not as easy as I had earlier thought it to be. It was and is going a bit tough but the awesome thing is that it fills every corner of my mind. All the creativeness that was hidden in some dark corner of my mind is slowly peeking out 😉

I must really mention this one person.., the sir who teaches me 3D s Max. He’s really one sort of professional who is just no-nonsense, unlike the other staffs in the institute who tend to question and discuss all sort of rubbish.

Slowly but surely, a new animator is emerging out!!