Conversations with strangers, acquaintances, friends, near-and-dear, oneself are a part of everyday life. There are times when we go conversation-less with many of them (I cannot go conversation-less with myself, though) And then, there are conversations that should be had, there are conversations that shouldn’t have happened, there are conversations that are awesome, there are conversation that are awkward, and I’ll stop with the assortment here!

I’ve had some of the most awesome (and awkward too!) conversations with Mr.B (oh! Mr.Bro whom I had introduced here) Time, medium, situation aren’t big influences when it comes to conversations between us. As I’m struggling a bit with writer’s block, I just intended to post few good conversations of us, over Whatsapp (well, those which aren’t quite intimate and personal!)

Shooting them, here I go…

While we spoke about life expectancy and leading a long life

B (You know who): It would be boring after a point
Dependency will increase

K (It’s me): Boring only if things are repetitive
One can be least dependent upto a level.
Beyond that we can’t help
After all we are social animals

B: There ll be a lot of limitations
Lack of true friends

K: Yes..Agreed on all
But life is about that
Sailing through all this

B: I don’t want to

K: I can say a lot more limitations now itself and stop my life right now
Why to wait till 50 or 60 even then

B: I have already questioned this.. What’s the point of any living being or its actions, when ultimately everything is progressing towards an inevitable end..

K: Hmm yes
I had this though too
And then all I understood was.. It’s not about the destination
It’s only about the journey.. And let me make the most of it

B: A journey without destination

K: Worrying about the indefinite destination only stops us from enjoying the journey
We dunno for sure what happens after we die
So what’s the use thinking of it

B: What is enjoyment in itself a tough question

K: It depends 🙂
I’m enjoying this conversation with you now

B: Basically there is some selfishness, however big or small, to every enjoyment

K: Yes.. In most cases

B: So basically everything about self satisfying

K: But what is completely selfless then?

And once while we were analyzing the history and geography of the world (and trying to change its course! )

K: Yes I agree.. Borders and patriotism came with civilization
Again there’s a difference between what’s civilised and what’s not
What seems civilised to me isn’t the same to someone else

B: Nope, the itch to be part of a group that is dominating or better at survival gave way to this discrimination. Being civilized is synonymous to being decent
If you use your words instead of violence.. Maybe that’s called being civilized

K: But why violence can’t be considered as civilised
The same… What is something to me.. Is something else to someone

B: When you resort to violence, most often you choose authority over negotiation.. You want it be your way, just cause you are powerful

K: Obviously yes.. And that’s one kind of civilization

B: What.. Resorting to violence instead of logic is a form of civilization? Not in my dictionary.. Maybe in yours
Look.. Violence is another way of ruling

Once when we he had a piece of share with me

B: Kau
Are you busy?

K: Hey no man
I was sleeping
And waking in between
And again sleeping

B: Woww
The kind of feeling we get when we are sleeping in our bed is just aww
As if everything is under control

And it keeps going on and on… these kind of conversations, and much more intense and intimate kind ones too!

God Bless


Knew it!

Posting a short, after a long time!

Knew it!

She knew, and also that he knew it.
He knew, and also that she knew it.

Neither of them wanted to each other, tell it.

It wasn’t ego. Nor a blind skepticism.
Nor a false hope in destiny.

But just didn’t want to tell.

He spoke about false crushes.
And she spoke too, her awesome cock-and-bulls.

Neither did they plan, nor did they worry.

Good friends were they, for long.
Where did the love come from, knew neither him, nor her.

Was it really love? Came this doubt never!

Their laughters increased, and their confessions too,
Except that one, but does it really matter.

Because she knew and he knew too.


God Bless

LOL – Living Our Life

Last Friday evening, I was making plans for the weekend, when I received the following message over WhatsApp from my good friend..

I always observe my speed on stairs getting up or getting down, it will be better on Fridays than on the week days. Guess why ? the shoes and the dress makes the difference. Today afternoon I got an idea that can I beat the speed of the lift either downwards or upwards. Just an idea hmmm. 

Evening while leaving home I went to EB 2 to see my friend, when I was about to enter the lift it was filled but little space was there but they didn’t move and didn’t give way.  

Excited to beat the lift. Took the stairs crossing two steps at a time, non stop till 6th floor… When I checked the lift it was in 4 th floor and coming up… May be it would have stopped in every floor, but I won 🏆. Felt great with lot of gasping. 

I don’t know what you would think about me after reading this, but I was happy that moment… and thought of sharing it….. 

I don’t really give lengthy advices, but say just this thing..Happiness is something that should come from within and not outside. Our life is ours. Happiness and sadness, we must live them. We should live only our life, not anyone elses’ And no one can or should be allowed to disrupt us from living our life. 

I was very happy that he found happiness within himself, with deeds to himself, even if insignificant to anyone else. And much more happiness because i’ve got a friend who could share his happy moments with me. 

My reply to him was.. 

This is really awesome 🙂 life is like this..finding and living the happiness within ourselves rather than relying on someone else. And relishing every moment that happens in our life. Our life is ours and only we can live it.  

Thanks so much that you wanted to share it with me :):)


God Bless