Maggi Muddle

The latest raging discussion is about the Maggi noodles issue; that it contains lead, and some other unsafe substances. <for your reference>

Maggi noodles is (was) supposed to be the favourite food of a vast majority of Indians in the past decade, including me. And all I can say now is that, this company has lost the trust of this vast majority!

And sharing my experience of how this company lost my trust!

I started indulging in Maggi noodles, somewhere when I was 8-9 years old, and it was instantly one of the best food i’ve ever tasted. And having noodles was a weekly routine. At times, many times in a week.

After few years, I used to get stomach ache immediately after eating this noodles. It happened more than once, and too insignificant to be considered as coincidental also. But I hid this fact from my parents, because they cared for me! If they knew that food item causes health issues in me, even the name of it would be banned from my home. I feared it, and I thought some tasty thing is more important than my health. The stomach aches continued, but vanished, maybe after few months. Probably my system got accustomed to it.

Later, there were rumours that this noodles contained wax over it, which is harmful too. It was then my mother came up with this idea of boiling the noodles in a separate container, strain it (so that the wax is removed) and then cook it again with the masala packet provided! Never did anyone come up with the thought of replacing Maggi with any of the other (better or worse) brands.

The one which I cooked, adding the ingredients on my own. But missed monosodium glutamate, and whatever wasn’t mentioned on the packet

It became more than a comfort food, and having a bowl of self-cooked Maggi noodles on a rainy evening was more than an heavenly experience! I even bragged over my ‘achievement’ of recreating the Maggi masala on my own from scratch, by glancing over the ingredients on the packet. Guess what, I had missed lead, monosodium glutamate and God (probably Nestle too) knows what else i’ve missed to ‘enhance’ its taste.

The ‘2-minutes’ affair is a known fake thing, but no one bothered about the time standards. When I started maintaining a good diet, I was warned that noodles contains ingredients that does not good, but I choose to ignore them.

And now, glaring reports all over the country, over the substances present in Maggi noodles. Have they misused the fame people has given them? Or have the people misplaced their trust? Or it is both, and something more?

This isn’t an isolated case of me, but many other guys out there. We had a trust over this brand, and it is shattered into several pieces! And the reputation of other brands are also at stake (i’m hoping the skeletons from others to tumble out too)

All I get reminded now are..Choose wisely, One cannot fool, all the time and one cannot get fooled, all the time! 


God Bless


Safety begins with me!

When we begin to talk about the topic Road Safety, our first instinct is to list out the following points…

– wear seat belts
– drive on the correct side of the road
– do not over speed
– overtake from the correct side
– no distractions while driving
– helmets for two wheeler users
– traffic signal rules. Enough said!

Perfect! It is good (and compulsory) to follow these rules for a safe drive – safe drive for us, how about others? How much do we really care about our fellow drivers on the road? How many of us have really bothered about the safety of our fellow riders, and the harm (unintentionally) we might be the cause of, to them? How can we make the ride safe, for us and others too?

People who use the road, driving along with us, have family, have responsibilities, in short they are human beings – like us. So the matter of concern of road safety extends to them also. The thought that if we follow good road safety practices it’ll make the journey safe not only for us, but the others too holds good, but to what extent? Continue reading “Safety begins with me!”