Favourite Fictional Women

As I was typing my previous post on women, a sudden thought led to the creation of this post too. I wanted to publish on three of my favourite fictional women from movies. (Please don’t ponder or question on ‘why three’? For some odd reason I love the number three, and making a short list in three’s 😀 ) And here I go…

Shanichari – Rudaali

This movie depicts the life of a Rudaali – profession mourner, played by Dimple Kapadia. I watched this movie on a women’s day, telecast on Doordarshan, few years back. (I still remember, my annual exams were a week apart, and I was going to watch an ‘old and boring’ movie) The movie is a slow moving one, but deeply touching. Shanichari (character portrayed by Dimple) faces a lot of trouble in her life – she loses her husband, falls in debt, her son deserts her, but nothing can dampen her spirit. She wonders throughout the movie, how can someone(referring to the profession mourners) mourn for some unknown and unrelated person, until an incident changes her life. Shanichari from the movie Rudaali is still one of my favourite fictional character.

Madhura – Sringaram

This movie portrays the life of devadasis, set in the pre-independence era. The character Madhura (played by Aditi Rao Hydari) is a bold, young, beautiful, talented devadasi. She loves and craves for a life of freedom, which is denied to her, given her profession and status in the society. All the riches that she possess doesn’t bring any meaning to her life. When she couldn’t take it anymore, she moves away from the clutches of the society, to lead a life that she wishes. The story unfolds as a flashback story heard by Madhura’s daughter, Varshini (also played by Aditi Rao Hydari) Madhura is one character gracefully portrayed, that i’d love watching her again and again.

Elsa – Frozen

Queen Elsa is a bit more popular, that she needs not much of an introduction. She is my favourite Disney character after Mickey Mouse. Elsa didn’t need a charming dude to make her life beautiful, she had to fight evil and demons within herself, there were things she had to Let it Go, she had powers that were amazing but fearsome too, and these make her a queen, and not a princess! And ‘Let it Go’ could be listened to a thousand times, yet bring out the emotions, powerful every time ~ (The song of judgement)

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A common thread that connects the story of these women is that, they wanted a life where they could be themselves, not hiding anything of theirs, just because the society didn’t accept or approve of the facts! They never let fate take over, and fought back to lead a life of their own.


God Bless


Review, Opinion, Take or however you take it

And I got to watch Interstellar yesterday. Your timeline would be filled with the reviews, opinions, what was understood, what wasn’t understood, what needs to be understood, what he thought, what she did, this, that about that movie. Yes, it was almost worth all these hype. And I don’t want to add more to this overdosage of information.

Im not that much of a movie buff. I wouldn’t have written much about movies too in my blog. Anyway I’m a closeted Nolan fan (very few of my friends knew it, and now you)

Along the movie I couldn’t stop myself from comparing it with some other ones, though I did enjoy it. And I didn’t feel it was as confusing as expected (I’m waiting to lay my hands on that idiot who said Interstellar is going to be 10 times more complex than Inception..Grrrr) Should be because I concentrated well.

As said earlier, some movies that I got reminded were Space Odessey, Contact, Inception, Total Recall, Zathura, Gravity, Avatar. Still Interstellar made a mark of its own and will stay as an amazing movie. But Inception will always be a more awesome movie for me because…

The last 1 second of Inception increased my awe and respect for it, by a huge exponent!
The last 1 minute of Interstellar decreased my awe for it, by a few rounds!


God Bless

50 Crushes

Life is all about living and loving. And here I present a list of fifty, which are so dear to me and makes my life sustainable.

♥ Google
♥ Mirror 😀
♥ Skyscrapers
♥ Orbit (chewing gum :D)
♥ WordPress 😉
♥ Coffee
♥ Hills
♥ Dancing (alone in a locked room :D)
♥ White (colour)
♥ The Hindu (Newspaper)
♥ Gaming
♥ Train Journey
♥ Beach
♥ Travelling
♥ Internet
♥ English
♥ Prayer
♥ Animated Movies
♥ Humour
♥ Colours
♥ Chilli Bhajji
♥ Art
♥ YouTube
♥ Singing
♥ Photoshop
♥ Cousins
♥ Friends
♥ Samosa
♥ Shouting :O
♥ Rain
♥ Pav-Bhaaji
♥ My Black T-Shirt
♥ Chocolate
♥ RajiniKanth
♥ Photography
♥ Animation
♥ Facebook
♥ Bangalore
♥ Blogging
♥ Thamizh
♥ Cricket
♥ The Chennai Bloggers Club
♥ Thachi Mummum (Curd Rice)
♥ Chennai
♥ Music
♥ Novels
♥ Parents
♥ Grand-Parents
♥ Myself
♥ God


God Bless

P.S. This is the fastest post I’ve ever done till date 🙂