A lie was said
So perfect
And beautiful,
And real!
A real Lie!

A lie was believed
So deep
And fitting,
And true!
A true Lie!

A lie was lived
So pure
And enough,
And genuine!
A genuine Lie!

A lie was dead
So stiff
And gone,
And done!
A done Lie!

God Bless


LoveWins, Oh but really?

In a significant judgement, the Supreme Court of the US has recognized the equal status of its LGBT citizens. It’s nice to see people offering their support by various means. There is so much positivity, hope, warmth shown all around in the social media. But how much of it is genuine? Is India ready for such a change? Are Indians willing to accept such a reform wholeheartedly? All I had to say about this were 5 things, as tweets.

Status updates, profile pic changes, etc are good and give a positive feel, but how many actually support LGBT wholeheartedly? (1)

Constitutions, courts can give mandates, but it’s up to the people to overcome prejudices! (2)

Talking about India, when just tweeting about gay things can fetch rude, ‘well-wisher warning’ messages, miles to go ahead!¬†(3)

Anyway, people judge, hate, love, accept according to their capabilities but one leads their own lives ūüôā Smile and cheers!¬†(4)

Finally, plant rights didn’t make me a plant, hence gay rights won’t make me gay! Thanks and sorry for the ranting-tweeting spree!¬†(5)

Hope i’m clear headed and have summarized my thoughts.

Again emphasizing that there is so much positivity, love and warmth all around. Wishing and praying that it lasts genuinely forever and Love Wins always. Union of souls is beyond the spectrum of gender, orientation, religion, caste, creed, *whatever differences have been created by humans* and we have a long way to reach there!

P.S. Supporting gayness doesn’t make me gay (if i’m not already, actually ūüėČ ) And the term gay actually means happiness (if you don’t know already) Special cheers!


God Bless

Maggi Muddle

The latest raging discussion is about the Maggi noodles issue; that it contains lead, and some other unsafe substances. <for your reference>

Maggi noodles is (was) supposed to be the favourite food of a vast majority of Indians in the past decade, including me. And all I can say now is that, this company has lost the trust of this vast majority!

And sharing my experience of how this company lost my trust!

I started indulging in Maggi noodles, somewhere when I was 8-9 years old, and it was instantly one of the best food¬†i’ve ever tasted. And having noodles was a weekly routine. At times, many times in a week.

After few years, I used to get stomach ache immediately after eating this noodles. It happened more than once, and too insignificant to be considered as coincidental also. But I hid this fact from my parents, because they cared for me! If they knew that food item causes health issues in me, even the name of it would be banned from my home. I feared it, and I thought some tasty thing is more important than my health. The stomach aches continued, but vanished, maybe after few months. Probably my system got accustomed to it.

Later, there were rumours that this noodles contained wax over it, which is harmful too. It was then my mother came up with this idea of boiling the noodles in a separate container, strain it (so that the wax is removed) and then cook it again with the masala packet provided! Never did anyone come up with the thought of replacing Maggi with any of the other (better or worse) brands.

The one which I cooked, adding the ingredients on my own. But missed monosodium glutamate, and whatever wasn’t mentioned on the packet

It became more than a comfort food, and having a bowl of self-cooked Maggi noodles on a rainy evening was more than an heavenly experience! I even bragged over my ‘achievement’ of recreating the Maggi masala on my own from scratch, by glancing over the ingredients on the packet. Guess what, I had missed lead, monosodium glutamate and God (probably Nestle too) knows what else i’ve missed to ‘enhance’ its taste.

The ‘2-minutes’ affair is a known fake thing, but no one bothered about the time standards. When I started¬†maintaining a good diet, I was warned that noodles contains ingredients that does not good, but I choose to ignore them.

And now, glaring reports all over the country, over the substances present in Maggi noodles. Have they misused the fame people has given them? Or have the people misplaced their trust? Or it is both, and something more?

This isn’t an isolated case of me, but many other guys out there. We had a trust over this brand, and it is shattered into several pieces! And the reputation of other brands are also at stake (i’m hoping the skeletons from others to tumble out too)

All I get reminded now are..Choose wisely, One cannot fool, all the time and one cannot get fooled, all the time! 


God Bless

for Souls to unitE and eXhaust

During a casual conversation, say the word sex¬†and things will get uncomfortable (no pun, I mean the conversation going uncomfortable)¬†. Prefix the word ‘premarital’ to it, and things can only get worse, unless the conversation is with extremely close friends (same gender!) Try prefixing other words like ‘same’, ‘casual’, <I leave the rest to your imagination> and you’d have already started guessing¬†what mess could happen.

Of course times are changing, but in a conservative society like that of India, these topics are still taboo-kind-of and not discussed widely, in general. Yes, we need to respect this thought of others, yet make a point that there’s nothing wrong talking about sex or sex itself! Because we all weren’t dropped into our cradles by a stork actually.

Coming to the topic of premarital sex, I opine that sex is more about two souls getting to know each other, and marriage is more about letting the world know about their relation. That’s the reason the former act is done is private and the latter in public. Both of them are a journey. One travelled by the imperishable souls and the other by the perishable body.

The act of (true) sex is beyond that of anything physical. It is more like a fusion of two bodies of energy. The journey to find oneself by traversing into the other. Something very divine. And it has nothing to do with the walls that humans have created, in the form of marriage, in the form of society. But if one feels so, we ought to respect it.

So saying sex and marriage can be considered independent of each other. In that case the term premarital sex gets meaningless. Sex is more than lust, before or after marriage, with or without marriage. But again perspectives vary and none of can be validated or invalidated.

So, do you believe in love? Someone asked me once, and I replied, I feel, I am here, on this earth, just to teach the world, ‘Love’, the essence of True Love and how to create sensational union with your Split half, Twin soul, True Love and discover the ultimate, passionate, esoteric ‘Ancient Art of True Love’ says author Poonaam Uppal, as taken from the introduction to her book, in Flipkart.

Get her book A Passionaate Gospel of True Love : A Mystical True Love Story to find out more about her take on true love and its essence.

P.S 1..The significance of sex is lost without the elements of trust, responsibility and love between the two.

P.S 2..I’ve said sex is about two souls. They don’t have a gender and I haven’t mentioned anything about gender or orientation here (in case you haven’t noticed)

P.S 3..I’ve posted only about premarital sex. The other moral issues such as cohabitation, adultery, prostitution, etc do not find a place here.

This post is written as a part of the discussion on YES or NO to Pre-Marital Sex by Indiblogger and A Passionaate Gospel of True Love : A Mystical True Love Story


God Bless


Thinking from other’s perspective¬†

Empathy is the word which defines thinking from other’s perspective. Of late we are all taught/preached to think from other’s perspective too, in order to understand the their actions, situations and also the functioning of the world.¬†

Thinking from other’s perspective is definitely a good thing. It helps us to see a broader horizon, put ourselves in other’s shoes, widen our mind, understanding the situation and problem of our fellow beings, be a better human, and so on. ¬†

But what is the extent to which we can think in other’s perspective? Is there a limit to be empathetic?¬† Is there a ‘list’ for whom we must empathize, and one for those who we mustn’t? If such list exists, who defines them? What are the standards to define them? Or simply saying WHAT IS THE STANDARD TO EMPATHIZE? ¬†

This question has been running in my mind for a good long time, and more severely after the latest horrific terrorist incidents across the hemispheres.  

If we think from the terrorist’s point of view, the actions that they’ve done are correct and justified too! But a civilized person like me and you (a hope my blog isn’t that interesting for a terrorist and wouldn’t be reading this) can never approve of this.¬†

I don’t know if anyone sane would vouch for a ‘thinking from a terrorist’s point of view’ (there are the trp hungry media, publicity hungry media persons and power hungry politicians) And the perspective of my mind isn’t broad (or narrow) enough to accommodate the thought that would justify the brutal acts of terrorists.¬†

Of course there are two sides for every coin, and two views of every story. But which of it can even validate the shedding of innocent blood? Or my way of thinking does not approve of it, and yours too! 

Yes, we need to think from the view point of others’. There is so much of conflict, misunderstanding just because we don’t do that. Our thoughts may or may not align with that of others. It’s good if it does, and also good if it doesn’t. A single flower is beautiful and a bouquet is more beautiful. Similarly if a single thought can be good, multiple thoughts are better.¬†

Regarding the questions that are posted earlier, God has gifted us with the extra sense and it is up to us to use it, wisely! 

Let me know your thoughts too ūüôā¬†


God Bless