for Souls to unitE and eXhaust

During a casual conversation, say the word sex and things will get uncomfortable (no pun, I mean the conversation going uncomfortable) . Prefix the word ‘premarital’ to it, and things can only get worse, unless the conversation is with extremely close friends (same gender!) Try prefixing other words like ‘same’, ‘casual’, <I leave the rest to your imagination> and you’d have already started guessing what mess could happen.

Of course times are changing, but in a conservative society like that of India, these topics are still taboo-kind-of and not discussed widely, in general. Yes, we need to respect this thought of others, yet make a point that there’s nothing wrong talking about sex or sex itself! Because we all weren’t dropped into our cradles by a stork actually.

Coming to the topic of premarital sex, I opine that sex is more about two souls getting to know each other, and marriage is more about letting the world know about their relation. That’s the reason the former act is done is private and the latter in public. Both of them are a journey. One travelled by the imperishable souls and the other by the perishable body.

The act of (true) sex is beyond that of anything physical. It is more like a fusion of two bodies of energy. The journey to find oneself by traversing into the other. Something very divine. And it has nothing to do with the walls that humans have created, in the form of marriage, in the form of society. But if one feels so, we ought to respect it.

So saying sex and marriage can be considered independent of each other. In that case the term premarital sex gets meaningless. Sex is more than lust, before or after marriage, with or without marriage. But again perspectives vary and none of can be validated or invalidated.

So, do you believe in love? Someone asked me once, and I replied, I feel, I am here, on this earth, just to teach the world, ‘Love’, the essence of True Love and how to create sensational union with your Split half, Twin soul, True Love and discover the ultimate, passionate, esoteric ‘Ancient Art of True Love’ says author Poonaam Uppal, as taken from the introduction to her book, in Flipkart.

Get her book A Passionaate Gospel of True Love : A Mystical True Love Story to find out more about her take on true love and its essence.

P.S 1..The significance of sex is lost without the elements of trust, responsibility and love between the two.

P.S 2..I’ve said sex is about two souls. They don’t have a gender and I haven’t mentioned anything about gender or orientation here (in case you haven’t noticed)

P.S 3..I’ve posted only about premarital sex. The other moral issues such as cohabitation, adultery, prostitution, etc do not find a place here.

This post is written as a part of the discussion on YES or NO to Pre-Marital Sex by Indiblogger and A Passionaate Gospel of True Love : A Mystical True Love Story


God Bless


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