Thinking from other’s perspective 

Empathy is the word which defines thinking from other’s perspective. Of late we are all taught/preached to think from other’s perspective too, in order to understand the their actions, situations and also the functioning of the world. 

Thinking from other’s perspective is definitely a good thing. It helps us to see a broader horizon, put ourselves in other’s shoes, widen our mind, understanding the situation and problem of our fellow beings, be a better human, and so on.  

But what is the extent to which we can think in other’s perspective? Is there a limit to be empathetic?  Is there a ‘list’ for whom we must empathize, and one for those who we mustn’t? If such list exists, who defines them? What are the standards to define them? Or simply saying WHAT IS THE STANDARD TO EMPATHIZE?  

This question has been running in my mind for a good long time, and more severely after the latest horrific terrorist incidents across the hemispheres.  

If we think from the terrorist’s point of view, the actions that they’ve done are correct and justified too! But a civilized person like me and you (a hope my blog isn’t that interesting for a terrorist and wouldn’t be reading this) can never approve of this. 

I don’t know if anyone sane would vouch for a ‘thinking from a terrorist’s point of view’ (there are the trp hungry media, publicity hungry media persons and power hungry politicians) And the perspective of my mind isn’t broad (or narrow) enough to accommodate the thought that would justify the brutal acts of terrorists. 

Of course there are two sides for every coin, and two views of every story. But which of it can even validate the shedding of innocent blood? Or my way of thinking does not approve of it, and yours too! 

Yes, we need to think from the view point of others’. There is so much of conflict, misunderstanding just because we don’t do that. Our thoughts may or may not align with that of others. It’s good if it does, and also good if it doesn’t. A single flower is beautiful and a bouquet is more beautiful. Similarly if a single thought can be good, multiple thoughts are better. 

Regarding the questions that are posted earlier, God has gifted us with the extra sense and it is up to us to use it, wisely! 

Let me know your thoughts too 🙂 


God Bless 


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