Conversations with strangers, acquaintances, friends, near-and-dear, oneself are a part of everyday life. There are times when we go conversation-less with many of them (I cannot go conversation-less with myself, though) And then, there are conversations that should be had, there are conversations that shouldn’t have happened, there are conversations that are awesome, there are conversation that are awkward, and I’ll stop with the assortment here!

I’ve had some of the most awesome (and awkward too!) conversations with Mr.B (oh! Mr.Bro whom I had introduced here) Time, medium, situation aren’t big influences when it comes to conversations between us. As I’m struggling a bit with writer’s block, I just intended to post few good conversations of us, over Whatsapp (well, those which aren’t quite intimate and personal!)

Shooting them, here I go…

While we spoke about life expectancy and leading a long life

B (You know who): It would be boring after a point
Dependency will increase

K (It’s me): Boring only if things are repetitive
One can be least dependent upto a level.
Beyond that we can’t help
After all we are social animals

B: There ll be a lot of limitations
Lack of true friends

K: Yes..Agreed on all
But life is about that
Sailing through all this

B: I don’t want to

K: I can say a lot more limitations now itself and stop my life right now
Why to wait till 50 or 60 even then

B: I have already questioned this.. What’s the point of any living being or its actions, when ultimately everything is progressing towards an inevitable end..

K: Hmm yes
I had this though too
And then all I understood was.. It’s not about the destination
It’s only about the journey.. And let me make the most of it

B: A journey without destination

K: Worrying about the indefinite destination only stops us from enjoying the journey
We dunno for sure what happens after we die
So what’s the use thinking of it

B: What is enjoyment in itself a tough question

K: It depends 🙂
I’m enjoying this conversation with you now

B: Basically there is some selfishness, however big or small, to every enjoyment

K: Yes.. In most cases

B: So basically everything about self satisfying

K: But what is completely selfless then?

And once while we were analyzing the history and geography of the world (and trying to change its course! )

K: Yes I agree.. Borders and patriotism came with civilization
Again there’s a difference between what’s civilised and what’s not
What seems civilised to me isn’t the same to someone else

B: Nope, the itch to be part of a group that is dominating or better at survival gave way to this discrimination. Being civilized is synonymous to being decent
If you use your words instead of violence.. Maybe that’s called being civilized

K: But why violence can’t be considered as civilised
The same… What is something to me.. Is something else to someone

B: When you resort to violence, most often you choose authority over negotiation.. You want it be your way, just cause you are powerful

K: Obviously yes.. And that’s one kind of civilization

B: What.. Resorting to violence instead of logic is a form of civilization? Not in my dictionary.. Maybe in yours
Look.. Violence is another way of ruling

Once when we he had a piece of share with me

B: Kau
Are you busy?

K: Hey no man
I was sleeping
And waking in between
And again sleeping

B: Woww
The kind of feeling we get when we are sleeping in our bed is just aww
As if everything is under control

And it keeps going on and on… these kind of conversations, and much more intense and intimate kind ones too!

God Bless


Blogging, Breaks, Bromance

Big break from blogging comes to an end, and I return to this boisterous world, again! There could be no better time than this period of transition and festive, geologically, ritually and metaphorically, to restart this journey.

It’s the relations which make our festives, more grand, and the transitions, more easy. And hence I chose to write about a relationship, quite jubilated yet quite unsung!


A highly valued and underplayed relationship in the lives of many men. What starts as an acquaintance develops into a bond quite strong, quite enjoyable, though quite silent. Devoid of the ‘rituals’ of dating, proposing, etc involved in what can be called just-romance, a bromantic relationship transcends the drama, well, most of the times. One might need to consult with my bro(s) who would quite disagree with the drama part! I ain’t a dramatic person, but where’s fun without some drama-making!

Being a social animal, all (should I use ‘some’ ?) of us need people in our lives, to just share deep thoughts on a sleepless night, to just talk on a troubled day, to just laugh over a silly joke, to just fight over, to just abuse a common hate, to just discuss a common interest, to just disturb, to just ride together, to just back each other, to learn, to unlearn, to just, just, just…and sadly at times, to just move away, to lead our separate lives! If you’re wondering, i’m still talking about our bros!

Now, with due honors, drum rolls and a Big Bang, let me introduce my Bro, Mr.B (Mr.Bro? Let’s have it that way!)

If I had to say him a few things, it would be these…

If you’d recollect, our first chat was about blogging. And recollecting our various other chats would be a huge task. Not to mention our chats in a group, this group, that group and the group. And the numerous phone calls (let me recollect, our first one was when you called me to check if i’m joining for a movie) And the various so-called discussions, arguments and debates during the meetings.

Forgive and appreciate me for the fact that my memory is a bit strong, and that is a boon and a curse as well, on my life!

It isn’t even a year since we met and there has been a journey, with many ups and downs, quite intense, and the journey is moving forward, to a destination unknown to you and me. But let’s worry, not about it and enjoy the journey, as we have been doing all along.

That’s B and me!

There have been moments when you have been upset, the reason being me. And yes, there were moments I had to be upset over you. But these have been passing showers, with each shower bringing us closer, as you’d say.

There have been moments when you have been jubilant, the cause being me. And quite a lot moments, when you brought me jubilance. These are also passing showers, bringing us closer.

I won’t promise that I would be always good, and not upset you. Nor should you. And no other promises within us too, because it’s the unsaid things which makes everything so lively and happening!

That’s us again!

Talking about the moments we’ve been there for each other, been so comfortable and enjoying each other’s company, well, should I even say you about them! 🙂

We’ve had our own views, thoughts, opinions, version of our truths, but have never accepted to agree upon each other. We agree to disagree and disagree to agree, always. Yet we acknowledge each other and that keeps the journey quite entertaining.

Common interests, we’ve got them in plenty. Common hate, oh, we’ve got them too. But let’s have these commonalities for another day, another post.

The journey is long, I believe and vast would be our experiences. Much to travel, much to talk, much to explore, and much to experience.

Catch you later. Love you bro! B-) B-)

And this would definitely not be a common chat between bros, but the unsaid thoughts within them, that keeps the relationship going!


God Bless

Tumkur Diary

I’ve been in and around Tumkur for quite a few months. A place that I’ve heard of, located in maps, heard occasionally, and had never thought would visit, forget ‘live*’ here.

A calm, and vibrant place, when compared to the neighboring Bengaluru, Tumkur (oops it’s Tumakuru now!) is famous for the Siddaganga Mutt and the 109 year old and still rocking Swamiji. He is referred to as Nadedaduva Devaru (Walking God), and no amount of praise can be attributed to the yeoman service that he has done, and is doing for the betterment of the society.

Nandi near Siddaganga Mutt Entrance

Tumkur is also famous for its numerous colleges, that it is known as the Educational District of Karnataka [FYI, Chennai also has a lot of engineering colleges 😉 Only a Chennaikaaran/kaari can appreciate a subtle joke here!]

Mahatma Gandhi Stadium at Tumkur

Tumkur has got another nickname – Kalpatharu Naadu – A place that gives boons to all! Yeah it has given several boons to me, that I’d treasure for a lifetime and more [Again FYI, Chennai is known as Vandhaarai Vaazha Veikum Chennai – A place that helps a person to thrive, when he comes here, to Chennai]

Siddaganga hostel and playground. Seen at the background is the Siddaganga Hill.

Tumkur is surrounded by hills, small and large which gives an opportunity for a lot of sceneries and weekend escapes. The Siddaganga Mutt itself is situated at the foothills of a range of hills, with the Siddaganga Temple situated over a small hill. Siddarbetta, Siddagange, Chinnaga Betta are few other popular hills with temples, in this region. Madhugiri (which translates to honey-hill) is another rocky place, bit far from here, which has the second largest monolith of Asia, along with some ancient forts.

Along the Bangalore-Tumkur highway, on a winter morning!

Tumkur, already a city with good facilities, is under development to be a smart city, with facilities like full wi-fi connectivity, rapid transportation system, and to name. Tumkur is very well connected to Bangalore, around 75 kms away, with bus and train facilities. Tumkur enjoys the same climate as of Bangalore, with almost same facilities, yet lesser pollution, lesser traffic and cheaper cost of living. No wonder it is already a smart city!

Old Building of the Siddaganga Mutt

*I didn’t want to use the word stay, for you’d have understood that I haven’t stayed, but lived in Tumkur!

God Bless

Songs of Spring

Spring season is loved by everyone. And more by those, for whom, the springs blows away the harsh and cold winds of winter, literally and metaphorically!

It could be the truth, or psychological effect, or a beautiful imagination, the onset of this period of time (last final weeks and February, and the beginning weeks of March) brings a sudden gush of energy and happiness into me, every year, right from childhood.

Probably it could be, because of the anticipation of completing the annual exams (I’ve never feared exams 😉 ) and enjoying the long summer holidays, the happiness of playing on streets without fear of rains disrupting (actually I loved rain, but the fact that I’d be pulled into home, by grandma, made me detest it slightly) the excitement of family tours, the joy of watching TV without any restrictions, the happiness of relishing pulpy, sweet-tangy mangoes, and the reasons could go on and on, in the days of childhood.

Meanwhile, semester holidays which arrived during spring/summer gave me uninterrupted time to read books, start blogging 🙂 , occasionally go out and play (I stopped playing out, once getting into college, unlike my friends. Not sure if a good or bad thing 😀 ) and few to name, to happen in the later days of my life.

Now spring/summer doesn’t make a difference in the routine or ‘timetable’ of the day. Yet the spirit of spring remains intact and brings in a fresh wave of energy, from nowhere.

Well, on a second thought, if we make and take the best of any situation, and derive happiness from it, everyday of life is spring, with flowers blooming around and butterflies abounding everywhere!

Sharing an all time favourite song of mine..that matches the situation here!

P.S..the title for this post was inspired by one of the chapters in my 6th standard English Literary textbook – Songbird in Spring Time – a short biography on M.S.Subbulakshmi. One of the few chapters from my school textbooks that I can never forget!


God Bless


Two Thousand 15

A post with specially picked photos from my phone, that defined the year 2015 for me

Its twenty days since the beginning of 2016, and a budding procrastinator is here with a recap of 2015!

It began with a ritualistic screenshot of my mobile screen…
One of the first events of the year, The Hindu Lit for Life in the month of January…
Some baking in February…
A wonderful trip to Kumbakonam in March…
Sketching, shading, twists and surprises in April…
Lots of dates with self in May…
Dreams and reality merging in June…
Realization of the fluidity of life in July…
New vistas, new experiences in August…
Celebrations in September…
More celebrations in October…
Again celebrations in November…
Celebrations extending to December…
Ritualistic screenshot again…

God Bless

Food Glorious Food

It’s a while, and it seems like I’m on an exile. And when I decided to return back to post, what can be better than one of my favourite topics, rather the favourite of many – Food, Glorious Food!

Food is the basic necessity, for survival for any organism. For some organisms, food is a matter of life and death, for some it is a luxury, for some a celebration or a fantasy, or happiness, or divine, or something beyond.

I was always taught from childhood that food (any food) is divine, and should always be treated with respect. Food must never be wasted, but at the same time, our body must not be overloaded. This is perhaps the only lesson I’ve religiously followed until now!

At this moment I recollect a conversation from one of my favourite books – The Pregnant King. //And I run to fetch the book, to type the lines as they are, from the book//

– – Once, while wandering in the woods, they came upon the carcass of a wild buffalo teeming with maggots. ‘How disgusting’, cringed Shilavati.

‘I don’t think the maggots will agree with you’, said Prasenajit. Shilavati realized the wisdom in her husband’s simple words. The human way is not the only way in this world. – –

One’s disgust is someone else’s food, someone’s waste could be one’s food, and that’s the way our beautiful universe is meant to be.

Let’s stop with philosophy and move to the fun part. Did miss saying food could be fun? Yes food must be respected and not wasted, yet there can be a lot of fun over food. Trying out new cuisines to eat, or cook, trying new recipes, spending a calm afternoon with only food for company, a romantic time with beloved and food! And wading through the tough times, or celebrating happiness, or nothing for that matter, food always and should come in, to be a part of that moment to complete it, in my honest opinion!

When it comes to food, one habit of mine seems to be a boon as well a curse. I’m still to determine, from where I’ve acquired this habit of eating slow. I have no idea of when, or how it started, but I’ve always eaten slowly. This comes as a great boon because, eating slowly come with a lot of benefits, as discussed everywhere. And it becomes a nightmare while having a formal lunch with team members!

I’ve got several advises too, to speed up the process of my eating. But why would I give up the temptation to relish the moment, slowly 😀

Have food, have fun and please do not waste them!

P.S.. Food, Glorious Food, is one of my favourite poem, from Oliver Twist


God Bless