Successful Completion

A to Z Blogging Challenge April 2014 

This is the second time I’m participating in the AtoZ Blogging April Challenge, and was confident to an extent that I could manage it. And now happy that I’ve successfully completed the challenge for this year! Thanking God for it.

The Blogging Challenge for this year was more better than last year’s. I was able to get new friends, and could visit more blogs and the journey went smooth. Truly a milestone in my blogging life!

And now time to display the survivor badge, with pride 🙂


God Bless


Voting #7 of 100 H-Days

Voting is a fundamental right and a duty. It’s an honour indeed. I’m honoured and happy to have fulfilled my duty. This election (General Elections 2014) is more special for me because it’s the first time I’ve voted. It’d be etched in my memory forever!


Once when I was young..maybe 5-6 year old, I accompanied my grandma to the polling station. At that time all I knew was, elections were held once in 5 years and we should should go to the school nearby and stamp the ballot and drop it in a box and one person will put a mark on our finger 😀

As I grew, I realised the significance of democracy and the importance of voting in a democracy, especially in one of the largest democracy in the world. Also the role every citizen plays (should play) to determine the fate of the nation.

Vote for anyone, but PLEASE VOTE!..was the advice that I had for my friends and fellow citizens. Ideologies differ from one person to another, and so the party they would like to vote. I respect the views of others, and I’m not a politician too. I don’t discuss politics much, though love to have a keen watch on the latest happenings, and also lend an ear to the political gossips.

The votes are to be counted on the 16th of next month, when the results would be known. I’m not anxious or tensed, for this isn’t my first year term results. (I was cool for the rest of the terms :P) Still eager to know the outcome. No other go than to wait, and carry on with my routine until then.


God Bless

Puthaandu #6 of 100 H-Days

It’s festive time, again. And it starts with the Tamil New Year today. It brings a doubled advantage. I can restart the resolutions that I’ve started some 3 months back, and have almost forgotten it! 😀

Puthaandu – Tamil New Year always had a special place in my heart. During my school days, the final exams get over by the first week of April, and the summer vacations would start with the celebrations of the New Year.

One beautiful thing, that I’ve look forward in any festive day, is decorating the main door with Thoranam – the garland made of fresh, green mango leaves.

In progress

 I can still remember the days when I would hand pick the mango leaves one by one, rejecting the not-so-good ones and give it my grandpa who’d tie them in a string and adorn it on the threshold. Sooner I picked up this ‘art’ and it was me who would do this task on any festival day. Standing on a stool I’d tie the string over. I’ve grown so much that I don’t need the stool anymore, but the happiness that I used to have, hasn’t diminished any little.

The fragrance of fresh mango leaves lend a touch to the festive mood, and I seriously feel that should one of the main reason, for it to be used in any special occasion. It is this feel that I’ve fallen in love with, still continuing, and will go on.

As I was doing this operation today morning, thought of a small poem…

Looking fresh, also bright and green
Too awesome, some broad and some lean.
Very simple, yet brimming with grace
Adding allure, and also charm to the place.
Among those to adorn, the most prominent
And in fests, the most dominant.

P.S. It doesn’t the describe the mango leaves alone 😉


God Bless

Drafting #5 of 100 H-Days

So i’ve signed up for the A to Z Blogging Challenge April 2014, as you can see its flavour all around in most of the blogs, including mine.

Publishing a post everyday, for an entire month is definitely a tedious task, let alone working on a theme, along the English alphabetical order! And here comes my saviour, the drafting and scheduling option in WordPress.

Completing the drafts for a week’s posts for the A to Z Challenge theme is an awesome thing to do, and it deserves a blog post 😀 Moreover I may run short of days in 2014 to post my 100 Happy Days, by the speed I do it and here is one of my many Happy Days!


God Bless

Idle time #4 of 100 H-Days

Idle Time (or) Lean Time, as it is officially known!

I got my share of time, where I had to sit idle, without doing anything productive at office. And I started to think of ideas for posting on 100 Happy Days. Well, sitting at office with nothing to do and thinking of ideas for 100 Happy Days is itself an ‘Happy Thing’!

This post was but one productive thing that I did to myself while siting, with nothing useful to be done. The guy sitting next to me started cock-and-bull stories of what God alone can understand (and still going on while I was typing this one, while occasionally he meddles his phone) It seems to him that I’m typing some love-letter, with highly reduced font size, to someone about whom I haven’t disclosed any information yet!

Of course there are options – check Twitter, FB (in phone obviously), latest cricket match score, go to some other cubicle to get/spread some hot gossip, the list is endless. But typing a blog post from office is something that I haven’t done yet, and hence this task for an Happy Day!

P.S. Blogging sites are blocked too in office network, so I’ve typed this content as a mail draft, that I could open and publish from home 😉


God Bless


Weekends #3 of 100 H-Days

Who can deny the fact, that weekends present some of the happiest moments that we enjoy in life. And i’d be doing a grave injustice if I forget to include ‘weekends’ in my list of 100 Happy Days! 

Weekends provide us the time to rewind and relax from the mechanic, stressful routine of the past week, and to prepare and rejuvenate ourselves to face the forthcoming week.

While relaxing itself could be a happy thing to do, spending some time with our loved ones, make  our lives filled with a bit more of happy memories, that could be re-lived.

Weekends with an extension, where we get an extra holiday – before or after – is truly a blessing and an event that could in fact be celebrated! 😀


God Bless

Train Journeys #2 of 100 H-Days

Journeys play an essential part in the everyone’s journey of life. And it did have a great influence in my life’s journey, so far! Especially Train Journeys!

In my childhood, I used to make frequent travels to Chennai from Bangalore by train with my grandparents to visit my parents who were in Chennai (I stayed with my grandparents, in my younger days) and hence started my fascination for train/train journeys during the travels then. Not to forget mentioning the ‘window seat’ 😀

The sound of a moving train has a charm which has captivated me always, to day. And also the unnoticeable-mild-violent range of swaying while seated inside the train, varying according to the category of it.

Express, Night Mail, Superfast, Shatabdi, Rajdhani, Suburban, Metro, MRTS, Toy, Hill…the level of comfort varies from each, but the allure remains the same. Well, taking the crowd factor, the less of it, the more is the comfort, obviously!

There are days when i’ve travelled by train, just for the sake of travelling. Travelling in a less-crowded train, seated on a jannal-seat is heaven!

Train journeys have been the central theme, and also the turning point in many films, whose list I can never complete. Hope something of that sort happens in any of my future train journeys 😉


God Bless