Successful Completion

A to Z Blogging Challenge April 2014 

This is the second time I’m participating in the AtoZ Blogging April Challenge, and was confident to an extent that I could manage it. And now happy that I’ve successfully completed the challenge for this year! Thanking God for it.

The Blogging Challenge for this year was more better than last year’s. I was able to get new friends, and could visit more blogs and the journey went smooth. Truly a milestone in my blogging life!

And now time to display the survivor badge, with pride 🙂


God Bless



Z for Zealous– A to Z Blogging Challenge April 2014 – Comments I’ve Received

‘Zealous’ – having a good dosage of enthusiasm, and having things done. Now that i’ve completed (actually completing) the AtoZ Blogging Challenge, let me award this comment to myself 😉

Posting for one full month continuously, in alphabetical order, on a particular theme is not an easy thing, definitely not for me! When I signed up for this challenge in the final week of march, I decided to post a short but meaningful post for each of the alphabet, corresponding to the day. And I’m happy that I’ve successfully completed the challenge for this year.

But the best thing to happen during this journey, is that I could meet some awesome bloggers and their wonderful blogs. I was able to connect with many other bloggers, read their posts, comment on theirs’, receive their comments and feedbacks with thanks..the entire month was so purposeful and fun-filled.

Wishing to post regularly, be in touch with my blogger-friends and make some more, with great zeal!


God Bless


Y for Yuck– A to Z Blogging Challenge April 2014 – Comments I’ve Received

‘Yuck’ – expressing strong disgust! Or irritation too. Usually I don’t irritate anyone. But when I, there’s no mercy 😀

What is life without some generous doses of fun and frolic. Our lives should have a good purpose which forms the axis for living. But, at the same time we need to detox and unwind from the monotonous way we live. 

Friendly arguments and bashings are always good. The more we argue, the more we bond with our friends. And I feel mutual praising between friends is too artificial and such a relation couldn’t be friendship, or not a relationship at all!

I’ve seen guys who are so close to each other, yet fight every single day, every single hour. There is no enmity in these fights. Only fun and amusement.

All’s well that ends well. The A to Z Blogging Challenge April 2014 is headed to a glorious end. Happy and Content!


God Bless

X ?

X for ?– A to Z Blogging Challenge April 2014 – Comments I’ve Received

Now that we’re reaching the end of the A to Z Challenge, I’m facing another challenge now. Where do I go for a suitable word which starts with X? I was frantically searching my posts in Facebook, when I came across this ‘word’, as a comment for one of my picture – XOXO

XOXO – I had totally forgotten this term, though I myself have used it occasionally earlier. Well, XOXO means Hugs and Kisses, or so they say. There are several such abbreviated terms. Some make sense and some not. It’s actually good when such terms are used, but not too often!

Hugs indicate the closeness, friendship, emotion, warmth between two or more persons. A conflict of several years could be solved, and forgotten with a simple hug. Though this concept is not acceptable by all cultures, the tides are changing 🙂 And the same could be said for Kisses too.

The days seem long, though the years seem short. Similarly the summer days of April seemed long, but the month has run too fast and is going to end.

Have a great week ahead!


God Bless


W for Warm– A to Z Blogging Challenge April 2014 – Comments I’ve Received

‘Warm’ – a trait to listen to the worries and troubles of someone. A warm person is someone who could empathize with one, give a shoulder to lean over, advise over any issue.

I may not give a suitable solution or an amicable fix to the one’s problems. But I can give a patient hearing to what they say, to what their heart says. Once the words are out from the heart, mind becomes more relaxed. A relaxed mind could take better steps to solve the problem.

No one can understand the problem, than the other who goes through it.So I honestly feel that the solution for any problem should come from within. The person who faces the fix must come up with his/her own solution, that will definitely be the best!

Have an amazing Weekend!


God Bless


V for Vibrant– A to Z Blogging Challenge April 2014 – Comments I’ve Received

‘Vibrant’ – colourful and energetic. Who would dislike such an atmosphere, and the persons who create such an atmosphere?!

As I’ve mentioned enormous times earlier, I was not an extrovert or that kind of person who’d be brimming with energy all day. But stepping into college was a turning point in my life. Meeting new people, new friends, new atmosphere, new cultures as well created a drastic change and then I realised the happiness that one’d get in being enthusiastic and energetic is tremendous!

A vibrant person fills the air with energy and bring out the spirit from others, as some did to me. Being energetic makes one to do work with enthusiasm and without getting tired. And the best thing, it is highly contagious. Staying with an energetic person enhances the mood and makes us also to be as energetic as them.

Be vibrant, enjoy your work and have a happy weekend!


God Bless


U for Ugly– A to Z Blogging Challenge April 2014 – Comments I’ve Received

The ugliness of a person isn’t physical, but internal. It is present in the mind of a person. Admitting that the mind was ugly at some time isn’t bad, though refusing to do so is!

At some part of our lives, our mind held on to various prejudices, stereotypes, ego, jealousness, greed, anger, pride (in the negative sense), and various other vices. It is true that we do not know the consequences of fire, unless and until we touch it. Once this unruly master becomes our faithful servant, we replace the vice with a virtue and it is definitely a good thing. It’s good to forgive the gory past, but not to forget that the saint had a past and the sinner has a future.

I strongly feel that we shouldn’t ignore or close our eyes to the ugliness that exists and is created. Our ignorance or closing of senses do no good, rather increase the disastrous consequences of anything ugly. It’s our duty and honour to clean up the mess from our minds first and then from the society.


God Bless