PhoBlost – Dandeli

PhoBlost i.e., Photo-Blog-Post is a series of posts with pictures, taken by me, pertaining to a topic, place, or event.


Dandeli is green little, rocky town along the banks of the swift Kali river, in northern Karnataka. These pictures were taken by me, during a short visit to Dandeli.

God Bless

PhoBlost – Gangaikondacholapuram

PhoBlost i.e., Photo-Blog-Post is a series of posts with pictures, taken by me, pertaining to a topic, place, or event.


Gangaikondacholapuram is a little town across the Kollidam river, in Tamil Nadu, famous for the Brihadeeshwarar Temple, built by the great Chola Emperor, Rajendra Chola. The temple, almost close to 1000 years, is a marvel, and a smaller version of the grander Brihadeeshwarar Temple at Thanjavur, built by Rajendra Chola’s father, Rajaraja Chola. The temple at Gangaikondacholapuram, was built after the successful expedition of Rajendra Chola to the northern parts of India. The town literally translates to Gangai-konda-Chola-puram (Town of the Chola, who conquered Ganga – refererring to the river Ganga).

The temple is a an architectural wonder and literally poetry in stone. No amount of words can do justice to the beauty of the temple! It’s a co incidence, to choose to post about the temple, on Aadi Thiruvadhirai (the birthday of Rajendra Chola – Thiruvadirai star occurring in the Tamil month of Aadi)

God Bless

Wanderings and Sojournings

Every ‘soul’ that owes its existence on this earth, would yearn to wander i.e, roam around, at times, and soujourn i.e, stay calm, at times. The definition of soul, is at times, beyond what can be comprehended by our mind. One such beautiful soul, is the river Cauvery, also spelled as Kaveri, who has captivated many other souls, by her grace and bounty. 

This blog post, is more of a photo blog, travelling along the river Kaveri, from its source at Talakaveri to its ultimate destination, the great Bay of Bengal. 


I have had the opportunity to visit many significant spots along the river, and capture some beautiful moments, which I wish to post here!

The origin of Kaveri, Talakaveri at Kodagu, Karnataka. The river starts as a small spring here, along the Brahmagiri hills, which are a part of the mighty Western Ghats. Seen here is the arch of the Talakaveri temple.

The spring, overflows into a small pond, which is enclosed by the graceful temple!

The plaque, at the sacred confluence, at Bhagamandala, Kodagu says it all

A beautiful scenery, again at Kodagu.

Kodagu, again!

One beautiful fine evening..Kodagu!

The mighty Krishna Raja Sagara Dam along the river, at Mandya District.

The Goddess Kaveri, blessing by her bounty, with the mighty KRS dam in the background!

Gushing through!

Flanked by nature!

The mighty, more than 1000 year old Kallanai, or Grand Anaicut across the raging river, over the plains at Tiruchirapalli! This ancient wonder, is still in use and is a major water regularotyr system across the river, in Tamil Nadu. The river splits into two major distributaries, Kollidam, the northern channel and Kaveri, the southern channel which retains its original name. There are also very other streams which split from here, spreading fertility all across the delta districts.

Another view of the Kallanai.

Frothy water, gushing out of the slucies at Kallanai!

A soothing sunset, over the wide Kollidam, at the border of Chidambaram and Nagapattinam districts..

Kollidam, again!

The southern Kaveri, meandering near Swamimalai, near Kumbakonam.

A small check dam across the Kaveri at a place Mappadugai, in Mayiladuthurai.

The green canopy, over the gentle currents, in Mayiladuthurai!

Flowing through the heart of Mayiladuthurai! (This pic was taken in July 2018)

The same in August 2019

At the same location, in June 2020!

The graceful Nandi mandapam, at the centre of the river, in Mayiladuthurai. The place is the famed Thulakattam, locally called as Lagadam, where the annual festival dedicated to Goddess Kaveris is celebrated for the month, during the Aipasi Tamil month (mid October – mid November)

The many temples across the bank, in Mayiladuthurai!

The ancient, grand mandapam, across the river bank in Thulakattam.

The elephant of Mayuranathar Temple, at Mayiladuthurai, enjoying its time, chiling out at the river!

Thulakattam, on a festive night!

The northern Kollidam, forms a great mangrove forest, at its confluence with the Bay of Bengal!

A previous blogpost, explains much in detail, about Pichavaram – “Travelogue – Pichavaram

Another enchanting view at Pichavaram!

The mangrove forests, again at Pichavaram.

The southern Kaveri, silently mergers into the Bay of Bengal, at the ancient famed place of Kaveripoompattinam, now known as Poompuhar.

What started as a spring, roars across the hills, glides along the plains and streamlines into the sea!

Along the shores of Poompuhar!

That’s me, a few years back, at Kodagu!

Another pic, at the Bhagamandala confluence.

At Mayiladuthurai! 😀

God Bless