Whose & Who’s this?


Hi…i’m Kaushik, often spelt as Cowshik, Ghowshik, Kausik, Kausick by many, irritatingly pronounced as Kousik, Kowshit by some, lovingly called as Kau by few.

I’m a native of Bangalore (oh, it’s Bengaluru now!), did my primary schooling there, while I stayed with my grandparents. Later I moved to Chennai to stay with my parents and completed my high school and college here.

I sketch decently, write shabbily (I mean my handwriting :P), blog irregularly, sing annoyingly, sleep regularly, do some animation, worked for an MNC, working for a bank, talk sense at times & nonsense at times and let me stop with this here!

Though a kind of introvert, I love meeting new people and this blog is one such place which has helped me to connect with some awesome people. 

Some say I look like a psychopath, some say a nerd, and there’s one guy to whom I’m Brock Harrison. Whatever, I love being Kaushik.


A little narcissist, I love myself a lot, along with everyone present in my journey of Life.  

Thank you for visiting my blog (Special Thanks, Kisses and  Hugs for coming here to know about me 🙂 ) 


God Bless


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