My 10 point Wish List

Here’s my wish list on 10 things I wish to do, before checking out of earth…

1. Travel to remote places in India

India is a land of million colours and there are so many unexplored, less-crowded exotic places where I wish to not just travel ,but also stay for a few days. Some such places in my list are Orchha, Somanathapura, Netala (I won’t disclose the rest 😉 )

2. Create a mystical artwork

I’m awed with works of geniuses like Leonardo daVinci, Michelangelo. So some day I want to create an artwork with some hidden codes, over which some one can ponder over.

3. Sing National Anthems of at least 20 countries

Some assume that singing the National Anthem of a country to which we don’t belong to, is disrespectful to both the countries. But I feel that the admiration and respect that I have on a country makes me learn its National Anthem. Right now I can sing 4 National Anthems (inc my nations’). I just want to expand it.

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I’m not Patriotic..on Independence Day

I’m not Patriotic

I’m not Patriotic
I just gave my seat and a smile
to that grandma,
who stood in the bus.
Oh wait, also I still keep smiling,
and no flag is fluttering
over the top left square
of the biggest Book I Face.
The former smile anyway
was returned with huge interest.
I have failed in my duty
to uphold the loyalty!

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