What’s this?

About this blog!

“Words & Lines” – a place where I express my thoughts, in words that make up the lines. A garland is made of many single flowers, a line of many words, a post of many lines, and a blog of many posts.

I’m no Shakespeare, to write an oration for Antony. And I’m no Antony too, to have a Shakespeare for my oration. I write the thoughts that occur to me at random. I seriously wish not to offend the feelings and beliefs of anyone and also that I do not represent anyone, other than me (it’s obvious though)

Previously I had my blog at Blogspot, after which I migrated to here. I feel I’m doing much better over here.

I wish you’d enjoy reading my posts. And a word of apology from me, if you’re a Grammar Nazi (I’m one too, and no one is perfect!)


God Bless


6 thoughts on “What’s this?

I'd be happy if you left behind a line or two..

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