LOL – Living Our Life

Last Friday evening, I was making plans for the weekend, when I received the following message over WhatsApp from my good friend..

I always observe my speed on stairs getting up or getting down, it will be better on Fridays than on the week days. Guess why ? the shoes and the dress makes the difference. Today afternoon I got an idea that can I beat the speed of the lift either downwards or upwards. Just an idea hmmm. 

Evening while leaving home I went to EB 2 to see my friend, when I was about to enter the lift it was filled but little space was there but they didn’t move and didn’t give way.  

Excited to beat the lift. Took the stairs crossing two steps at a time, non stop till 6th floor… When I checked the lift it was in 4 th floor and coming up… May be it would have stopped in every floor, but I won 🏆. Felt great with lot of gasping. 

I don’t know what you would think about me after reading this, but I was happy that moment… and thought of sharing it….. 

I don’t really give lengthy advices, but say just this thing..Happiness is something that should come from within and not outside. Our life is ours. Happiness and sadness, we must live them. We should live only our life, not anyone elses’ And no one can or should be allowed to disrupt us from living our life. 

I was very happy that he found happiness within himself, with deeds to himself, even if insignificant to anyone else. And much more happiness because i’ve got a friend who could share his happy moments with me. 

My reply to him was.. 

This is really awesome 🙂 life is like this..finding and living the happiness within ourselves rather than relying on someone else. And relishing every moment that happens in our life. Our life is ours and only we can live it.  

Thanks so much that you wanted to share it with me :):)


God Bless


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