Love you, Honey!

A very fine, misty Saturday morning. You open the fridge and gulp the last remaining, yummy champakali, dipped in honey, and then you realize you are supposed to start your diet today!

Any system requires ‘quality’ fuel to function smoothly. The very complex system of human body, too. When we speak of ‘quality’ fuel, it lays emphasis on a balanced diet i.e.. a proportionate combination of nutrients, proteins, this, that, taste, health (uff and whatever) etc!

Quite often we tend to take advantage of this complex system of our body, and just pump in any kind of fuel. As it ages, any machine is subject to wear and tear, and then the results of the ‘imperfect’ fuel, start showing signs. One of the many age old proverb says that prevention is better than cure. So the best way to avoid any complications in health, is to maintain a good diet.

One can start being into a good diet, at any moment. No nudges, no promises, no guilties, no grumblings..just start a healthy, balanced diet, and one can see several short term and long term effects, which improve the working condition of the body, physically and mentally.

And please, never conclude to the ‘fictitious’ fact that a balanced diet consist of some bland, tasteless, colourless, flavourless food. As mentioned earlier, good food is always inclusive of every aspect, health, taste, flavour, /keep adding/, etc. While taking all these into account, it is no wonder, that one of the best food that nature has provided us, is the simple, yet gorgeous HONEY!

This sweet thing has all the qualities of the ‘perfect’ fuel, to keep this system running smoothly. With all the best sugars (glucose, fructose, titanic rose 😛 ), without any cholesterol, honey is literally one honey of a wonder-food!

Just a few drops of honey, when included in our daily food can work wonders. Listing few of them, to my knowledge.

1. Starting the day with a cup of warm water or green tea, mixed with a spoonful of honey, can aid in speeding up the metabolism, thus controlling weight gain and constipation.

2. Having a spoonful of honey, with some ginger gratings, can instantly cure a sore stomach.

3. A spoonful of honey, with pepper, is a sure relief for sore throat.

4. Honey is capable of getting digested quickly, and that’s the reason, most medicines of Ayurveda, Homeopathy, Siddha are taken with honey.

5. Sugar is literally an ‘angelic’ demon. Substituting sugar with honey is an ideal way to deal with the harmful effects of sugar.

6. A glass of warm milk mixed with can imagine! 🙂

7. Sweets prepared with honey, are more delicious (healthy too!) and provide a better taste too

The list can simply keep growing. Such are the benefits hidden in this vicious, golden liquid. So check out here – Dabur Honey for recipes, tips, advices, information on honey. Also check out the Honey Diet, to Stay Fit and Feel Younger!

It’s actually okay, when you cheat on your diet, not occasionally, but rarely! So don’t strain or pressurize and enjoy the cheat foods. They’re one hell of guilty pleasure!


God Bless


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