It’s long since I posted here. Past few days were hectic, with some work to be done. With severe writing block now, really had no idea of what to post about, and then came a flash! Why don’t I make a post on few of my latest tweets, and what made me post tweet them. Maybe an expansion of the short tweets. And I logged into Twitter immediately!

I’ve known many people with this kind of attitude, who consider ignorance a very cool thing to possess, and good to flaunt it around. It could be a different perspective from mine, or something which I don’t know to value, or some good thing which I don’t know at all (okay i’m ‘flaunting’ my ignorance now 😉 ) 

I think I don’t need to elaborate much on this. Many are more bothered about spreading their religion, picking issues/criticizing religions that they don’t follow, and so on than actually practising the religion that they identify themselves with. And there are the ‘cool’ guys who proclaim that they’re spiritual but not religious. Being religious is not such a bad thing at all. But not keeping the religion to oneself, is such a big one!

I’ve always dreaded the idea of a homogeneous society. How boring it would be, if everyone looked same, had same behaviour, same thought process, everything same-to-same?! A society is like a collage, the more colours and textures, the more beautiful. Just as the sections of a collage, everyone in a society must be unique, yet complement each other.

India had scored 300 runs in the India-Pak Cricket WorldCup’15 match, and I reached the mark of 300 tweets on that day. So, to celebrate the moment!


God Bless


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