Today is March 8th – Women’s Day. There are many posts about women making rounds. Yes, it is special to be a woman, so it is to be a man. We need to celebrate women, we need to celebrate men, and we need to celebrate the people who don’t fall under these spectrums too! Celebrate life, including all your near and dear, irrespective of where you fall on any of the ‘scales’ created by ourselves or God.

Women have the ability to create life, from within them. Men have the ability to create life, from outside of them. Let’s not get into debate on which is the greater ability. Both are awesome and needed to work in unison to sustain life.

A very happy and awesome Women’s Day to all wonderful women. And tons of thanks too.

There are umteen ways in which i’ve been indebted to many women, who have helped me, either directly or indirectly.

My grandmother, mother, sister, aunts, cousins, bff, relatives, teachers, friends, acquaintances, colleagues, the aunty who supplies milk to my home every morning, the flower selling granny who smiles at me, the aunty who sells tender coconut near office, the aunty at office pantry, the authors who enlighten with their books, the singers who bring peace with their mesmerizing tone, the artists who amaze with their skills, the aunties who sweep my street every morning, the aunties who help in maintaining the cleanliness at office, my English teachers who made me strong in the language, my history mam who brought out my love for history, my maths mam who eradicated my aversion to the subject, Mother Goddess, and the list can only stretch to infinity…i’m indebted to them. I’ve got some opportunities to thank them directly, but unfortunate often for I couldn’t do it. Every one of them command respect in their own way, and keep the (my, our) world moving!

Sharing lines from a poem in my older blog that I had written on Women’s Day, two years back…

Epitome of Courage,
You are no Mirage..
Oh beautiful Sthree,
There’s no parallel to Thee..
This, a dedication by me.


God Bless


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