The song of judgement

One can have cool head, not reacting much to the happenings around. But mind is one thing which is ever inquisitive to travel deep into the forbidden areas. One fine afternoon I was travelling in bus, listening to Let it Go and then this poem happened.
There are things that aren’t perfect,
In and around me.
The cause of which,
Doesn’t trace its roots to me.
I’m told to accept them
And embrace too.
As nothing can be
And should be perfect.
I understand and agree.
But where were and are
These voices,
When I did things
That weren’t perfect,
That didn’t meet the standards
Which I didn’t set.
When I was judged,
And accepted not
For meeting not
Their standards.
Well, the past is in the past.
The stones that stand
The test of time,
Will live, to sing
The song and the story
Of the past.
The wounds have healed
But the scars remain.
And these may disappear too,
Along with a serene sunset.
Here I stand,
Accepting the judgement
Of none, but One.
Raised by the hands,
That wanted to make a gentleman.
Will live so forever,
Not succumb to the pressure.
Let the world respect a unworthy.
But I will stay true to those
Whom I consider worthy.


God Bless


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