Lazy Weekend(s)

With a lazy weekend coming to a glorious end, I was browsing through the pictures in my phone, when I got a spark. I wanted to publish a quick post on some things which I captured on a weekend, over a period of time. And here are they…

This is at the Chennai Trade Center, where many fairs, exhibitions, events take place regularly. A very lively, and productive place too!
This is from the seashore of Mahabalipuram. A place to amaze or laze.
Elliot's Beach
That’s Schmidt Memorial at Elliot’s Beach. A place for a wonderful weekend evening.
Connemara Library
The ceiling of Connemara Library. Established over a century ago, this is one of the oldest library here.
Balcony of my home, on a rainy day. What better place than home!
Palavakkam Beach, a lesser known quiet and clean suburb.
Amdavadi – one of my favourite restaurant near home.
Parthasarathy Temple
At Parthasarathy Temple. I and words would fail to describe the peace I get here.
That’s the sunset at the heart of a metro city. If only the place was real clean – adversities of urbanization


God Bless


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