Clueless – Reblog

A simple, amazing post. It made my day 🙂

Many of us are in a mad run, going towards no-where. We need to stop at some moment and ponder what’s happening/what have we done/what we need to do. Such self analysis would bring a new meaning, a new direction, a new hope, a new destination in life.


I must definitely be an optimist 😉 Yes. That is what I found in myself after almost a year!

My life is mysterious 😀 Every day thrills me.Because I may become anyone on any day! 😛 Yes.I can choose my path now.Its funny at least to me that how I felt about myself every single day.Some days I wanna become an artist.Some days I wanna join in a music band 😛 Some days I wanna become an interior designer and some other days a fashion designer.I know.I got to work towards that.
But I feel that just thinking to become something itself is a sign of victory 😉

Only few people dare to leave a job to become someone they wish to be. I am one among them 😀 I have no regrets in my life.Because I would rather say “I don’t believe I have done that” than “I wish…

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