Looking back 2014

I just wanted to write a short analysis of how my 2014 had been, this pleasant Monday morning, and here I go.

2014 had been a calm, beautiful and peaceful year for me. There weren’t many adventures, twists and scary moments. It was just a calm boat ride. At the end of 2013, I expected 2014 to give me a rollercoaster ride, but it was one of the smoothest years i’ve had. And the time seemed to run fast too.

But one amazing thing to happen in 2014 is realization of myself. I learnt a lot more about myself. I accepted several things about me that I would be scared to even think about. I need not lie on the range of any imaginary spectrum. I can be anything, anywhere and yet be an awesome creation of God. Self acceptance is one great thing to happen to me in the past year. I accepted several things without an ounce of regret and with full of happiness.

Still there are miles to go. There are things which are not clear. There are questions which don’t have a satisfactory answer. I may or may not get an answer for them. But I will not stop searching for the answers. Yes there could be and must be issues in everyone’s life. Life is all about searching answers and finding solutions for these issues. That is the essence of an interesting life.

Another great thing to happen in the past year is blogging. I definitely grew as a blogger. I could come up with better and bolder posts. I came across many great blogs and befriended many people through blogging.

Wishing a great 2015 ahead.


God Bless


6 thoughts on “Looking back 2014

  1. You should always keep up the good memories that u have carried through the entire year 2014. And Smile more to invite the new year with lots of new hopes. Happy New Year 2015.


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