Review, Opinion, Take or however you take it

And I got to watch Interstellar yesterday. Your timeline would be filled with the reviews, opinions, what was understood, what wasn’t understood, what needs to be understood, what he thought, what she did, this, that about that movie. Yes, it was almost worth all these hype. And I don’t want to add more to this overdosage of information.

Im not that much of a movie buff. I wouldn’t have written much about movies too in my blog. Anyway I’m a closeted Nolan fan (very few of my friends knew it, and now you)

Along the movie I couldn’t stop myself from comparing it with some other ones, though I did enjoy it. And I didn’t feel it was as confusing as expected (I’m waiting to lay my hands on that idiot who said Interstellar is going to be 10 times more complex than Inception..Grrrr) Should be because I concentrated well.

As said earlier, some movies that I got reminded were Space Odessey, Contact, Inception, Total Recall, Zathura, Gravity, Avatar. Still Interstellar made a mark of its own and will stay as an amazing movie. But Inception will always be a more awesome movie for me because…

The last 1 second of Inception increased my awe and respect for it, by a huge exponent!
The last 1 minute of Interstellar decreased my awe for it, by a few rounds!


God Bless


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