Scribble your heart away!

Earlier I’d written about one’s personal diary – My Black Diary. Personal Diary is a person, rather than a thing who’ll remain a good and faithful friend for life. Quoting from it, “A friend in need Is a friend Indeed, So they proclaimed, And he remained, In time of need When left to bleed…

And here’re some Black Diaries, from MatrikaS Paper Products. As said in the website, their products are inspired from the powerful energies (denoted by Matrikas, a Sanskrit term for mother) to aid the process of ideation, innovation and expression.

It was such a sweet gesture from MatrikaS to send me an Antique Journal, a Swami Vivekananda Journal and a 5 Subject Notebook for review. And all of them were simply awesome!

The Antique Journal was just perfect – 256 thick sheets of papers hard bound, soft finish, clearly printed memoranda and other stuff, classic touch, elegant yet simplistic design, last but not least, two of my favourite elements – a satin page marker and the fresh smell of a new book!

It was a double treat to receive a journal filled with information, pictures and quotes of my favourite personality, and a special thanks to MatrikaS again for this. This journal was as good as the Antique Journal, but i’d be partial to the personality journal, because it contains information on Swami Vivekananda 🙂

The 5 subject notebook brought memories of school and college. It had a cool appeal with abstract designs, and equally good in quality as the other products. A perfect choice for any school/college goer (Okay, there is no hard and fast rule that only a student must be using 5 subject notebook)

Click for a bigger size

And to mention, I loved the logo of this brand too. With seven faces, it represents the Sapta-Matrikas, doing good justice to the brand name.

A quick and final verdict would be…

Quality: Best in class.

Cost: Very much justified and reasonable for the given quality of products.

So why wait? Check out the cool MatrikaS products in Flipkart, pick some and Scribble your heart away!


God Bless


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