My Black Diary

My Black Diary

A friend in need
Is a friend Indeed,
So they proclaimed,
And he remained,
In time of need
When left to bleed
Due to misdeed
I didn’t breed.

Lost and weary
In days of misery,
When tired of treachery
And insane memory.
He brought the merry
Making me teary
A good friend very,
My Black Diary.

People who have the habit of writing a diary regularly, can relate to how much a close buddy our personal diary can be. A personal diary is a friend who isn’t judgmental, one who won’t cheat or betray us, one who shows life as it was and is. Personal diary is the friend who travels through the ups and downs of our life, without questioning anything or any move that we make, however silly it might be. It remains a faithful friend over years, to bring back the essence of nostalgia. And once we leave this place, stays back to tell the adventures and misadventures of our life.

One wrong assumption about diary writing is that, it could be begun only on the 1st of January. And once missed, it could be begun only the next January 1st. But isn’t today the good day to start anything good? Now, the best time to start anything great? Diary writing can be started at point of time.

And it’s not a mandate that every happening should be noted down every day. Any interesting incident could be noted down in any chronological order. These tit-bits might prove useful in some day of our life. Though a regular, chronological account would give a deep insight of the way we crossed. All we need to do is get started and move forward, taking our friend for life along!


God Bless


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