We are different.,

Consider two different scenarios…

Scenario 1

X: Hey, you are different from me

Y: No, you are different from me

X: Whatever, we both are different. We need to fight!

 Scenario 2

A: Hey, We both seem to be different

B: Wow! Yes. There is so much of difference between us

A: Come, let’s learn our differences and celebrate it!

Scenario 2 seems great, but unfortunately it is Scenario 1 that is more common and widespread on our planet. So called ‘civilized’ people fight over or hate each other, just because of the differences that exist between them.

Ethnicity, food, sexual preference, faith, nationality, lifestyle, etc, etc..the list of differences among us is infinite. Some have been created by nature, and some devised by ourselves. Some are inbuilt and some a choice. Some could be switched over, while some can’t be.

Ethnic violence was, and is rampant in many regions across the world. Is it justified to hate a person just because that person doesn’t belong to our ethnicity/religion/clan or whatever?

Vegetarian vs Non-vegetarian vs Eggetarian vs Vegan vs Fruitarian vs this vs that is a never ending debate. I suppose it is intended to continue as long as the universe exists.

The hatred many harbour in their mind against anyone who isn’t straight or ‘normal’ (as prophesied by them)..enough said about!

I can keep lamenting about the various prejudices that many hold in mind, but what sense does it make to any one of us (including me)?

We have evolved such that a garden of thousand different flowers appeals more to our senses than a single fleur, but cultural background of the apartment neighbour irks many. Cross bred pets are admired, but one objects when their ward prefers a life partner from another clan. Same-religion, same-country, same-cuisine, same-lifestyle, same-same.. all perfect, but same-sex.. things go obstreperous. I know i’m comparing apples with oranges, but isn’t our hypocrisy as silly as this? I leave it open here..

Just writing blog posts, sharing images or retweeting do not solve any of the problems said above. A change in mindset is required to change the world and our view of the world. Why don’t we learn to embrace the differences among ourselves? We need not follow or agree to one’s thoughts, but respecting it isn’t too much to ask for. We need not learn a different culture, but just appreciating it makes much good.

As I come to complete this post, I get a feel that our future is going to be bright, with these kind of hate reducing. I do not vouch for a homogeneous society, where everyone looks alike and live alike. Wouldn’t it be boring and monotonous? A world with lot of different lives will be (actually it is) so much interesting. With mutual respect, it’d be awesome!


God Bless


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