Univercell Sync!

Kaitav wanted to celebrate his 23rd birthday by gifting a new phone to himself. Of course mobile phones could be ordered online and get it delivered at your doorstep, but he wanted to have a ‘personalized’ hands-on with the phone that he was to buy. So he hit the nearby mobile phone showroom to check out the phones. The showroom was spacious and looked good. The phones were arranged according to their brands, neatly over the spotless white racks. Seems good enough, but something is missing…

Shaila wanted to gift a good phone accessory to her friend. There was a wide variety of options available over the e-commerce websites. But she wanted to ‘experience’ the gadget she intended to buy, before gifting it to her pal. The showroom nearby had a range of such items. Different phone accessories from different brands, with varied specifications were on display. Awesome, but the lack of something is obvious…

As you should have guessed by now, the something that is missing in and linking both the cases is a ‘personalized experience’ of a particular gadget that one wished to purchase. Many showrooms may come close in delivering a personalized experience but none as much as the new Univercell Sync does!

I was lucky enough to get an invite through IndiBlogger to visit and ‘experience’ the new Univercell Sync showroom at Nungambakkam, Chennai. Honestly I didn’t have much expectations about the visit and was a bit confused also, about what kind of experience I would be having there.

Univercell Sync showroom at Nungambakkam, Chennai

On reaching the showroom, I was given a warm welcome by the store manager, and the ‘experience’ started. A gentleman Mr.Prabhu started a demo on the concept based on which the new showroom has been designed. The Univercell Sync showroom is based on the idea where the gadgets and accessories are to be arranged based upon their utility/function/capability.

Univercell Sync 3Let me quote the example given by him, to make things more clear. A person may intend to buy a phone mainly for its camera. Some phones have a upper hand over other phones when compared on the basis of camera functionalities such as pixel resolution, shutter speed, battery life, storage, flash, etc, etc. Now, when the phones which deliver the best camera utility than the rest are stacked together, it would be easy to compare and select the best among the already good ones.

This way the phones best suited for listening music, net surfing, playing games, etc are arranged in a spacious showroom with friendly staff! And lo, the ‘synchronization’ between the customer and the customer-deliverable is easily achieved.

As the demo was going on, I met some of my friends from the Chennai Bloggers Club who were also doing their rounds at the showroom. Was happy to meet them, unexpectedly there. We exchanged pleasantries and had a good talk for sometime (given the good ambience of the showroom 😉 )

The organisers of the event (UniverCell Sync and Indiblogger) were awesome enough to provide lunch and water bottles to us as we left the place. This was totally impromptu 🙂

Now Kaitav and Shaila head to the nearest UniverCell Sync showroom to buy, to their heart’s content, without that missing ‘something’

This post is written as a part of the Blogger Contest by UniverCell Sync and Indiblogger.


God Bless


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