Blogs and Bloggers

I was running out of ideas for a post, and while I sat thinking for some good topic, out of somewhere got this thought to ask some friends (outside my blogging sphere) on their opinions about blogs and bloggers.

Immediately I prepared a small questionnaire of about four questions and sent to some of my friends over WhatsApp, the screenshot of which displayed below…

bgBTW the four questions are:

1. What do you know about blogs?

2. What’s your opinion about bloggers?

3. Do you read blogs?

4. Do you have interest/idea to start blogging?

Following are some great and awesome replies that I received for these questions!


Reply #1

1. Blogs are medium for people to express and share their talents, experiences, their opinions or some interesting stories.
2. Bloggers are creative and talented people. In general they are very aware people and want to help others through blogging.
3. I don’t read many blogs but I do read a few and enjoy reading them
4. Yes am very much interested to start blogging at some point

Reply #2

1. Blogs r online space provided by browsers to express ur thoughts in the form of writeups…pics or videos
2. Bloggers r ppl who have very good hold on what they post…they know their field and luv to share their insight with others online
3. Yes,…not with the very intention of reading 1…bt mostly am directed to one from some link or webpage
4. Have started cpl of times but lost touch after a while.

Reply #3

1. Blogs are something where people share their thoughts..Their life story..It maybe anything they have in mind 🙂
2. Anyone who loves to write and read can be a blogger 😀 being a blogger s one of the greatest thing one can do in life 🙂
3. Yesssssss I do read blogs
4. Already started… 😉 but must try to stay in touch 😛

Reply #4

1. a place where yu write about something
2. vry creative nd nice people. They write about many good things
3. not much.. Whenever I get time
4. had thought so, but have not done it now

Reply #5

1. blogs? Hmmm… It’s like a virtual diary of a person which anyone interested can read & know their experiences
2. bloggers? Hmmm… Not everyone can be bloggers! I mean successful bloggers.. Have to be creative & should manage time as well
3. hardly whenever I find time or come across any posts
4. well of course! Yeah… Been thinking for a longtime but couldn’t do it in action!

Rest assured that these are genuine replies from awesome people. I’ve taken care to represent their replies, in the same style as theirs’! Tons of thanks again to all of them 🙂


God Bless


2 thoughts on “Blogs and Bloggers

  1. Hi Kaushik .. that’s interesting … I thought the answers would be more negative than yours have been. I know I’ve come across bloggers who thought it was all baloney – til they started and then realised the opportunities there are … for whatever ideas they had at that stage.

    Blogging can develop … and now with other sites there are ways of putting your ideas out there – should you wish to …

    Fascinating to read .. cheers to you – Hilary


    1. Hi Hilary..I had the same thought too, but all the guys are my dear friends, so probably they didn’t want to hurt me 😉 😀
      Still I do find a lot of respect and admiration for blogs and bloggers 🙂


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