My Beautiful Food

The clock displays… 10:01:01 PM

Soft and fluffy, hot and round, lies the majestically golden Chapati on a Fidenza plate, crowned with a dollop of butter, melting slowly and spreading all over like a meandering river. The aroma of fresh Chapati from the tava, combined with that of the disintegrating butter makes you forget the rain that’s lashing outside. The butter laced vapours make you forget the FIFA match glaring from the TV. The fluffiness makes you forget the assignment that you need to complete by tomorrow morning. As you attempt to count the number of brown spots on your Chapati getting soaked with the oozing butter, you also tend to forget that the Palak Paneer is sitting nearby and craving for your attention, where you are diverted to now!

Made from fine and fresh Palak, think and green, with Paneer cubes swimming all around, gracefully dances the gravy of Palak Paneer in a Round bowl. The light golden cubes make a good contract with its royal green surrounding. The spicy and tangy vapours arouse your taste buds, teasing you to take a large serving. You resist and chide the thick gravy with a wooden ladle, moving in a clockwise direction. The aromatic vapours gush out in a frenzy, taking you to places beyond the heavens. Slowly you take a big serving and land it on your plate. Not satisfied, you take one more. But only an another helping satisfies you for the moment.

You pinch the Chapati slowly, that results in a small piece. You dip that piece in the gravy and accompanied with two big Paneer cubes, you culminate by placing them in you mouth. An instant MOUTHGASM!! You chew the food slowly, ignoring to feel pity for the Chapati and Paneer which are getting crushed between your molars. You forget life, deeply involved in enjoying your meal when suddenly you come out of the trance on hearing your mom’s voice. You raise your head and face the digital clock hung over the dining table.

The clock displays… 10:02:04 PM

…a routine everyday. I keep waiting to prepare Chapati and reheat something only for you almost everyday till this time. And is this the time to eat!”, saying so enters your mom from the kitchen to stack another Chapati on your plate. “And see, you haven’t even touched the Chapati. Is this the way you eat?! Eat fast. I’m bringing two more!” Ignorant of the love affair that you were having all this time, with your food and she goes into the kitchen to bring some more of your love.

The clock displays… 10:19:06 PM

The bowl is empty. Your plate is empty too, but for stains all over. You take the plate with both your hands closer to your face, close your eyes and run your tongue over the plate to absolve it from the green stains all over it. As you try to complete the ritual, a sudden shriek, “Ewwww! how many times i’d have said you not to do that! Go now..go and put it in the sink”

As you come out of the kitchen wiping your hands in your t-shirt, your mom gives you a Vision Glass. “Drink this Lassi and don’t sleep immediately. Sit for sometime, brush your teeth and then go to sleep. Don’t be awake for long. Okay?!” You just nod in agreement and drink the Lassi. Not thick, not diluted, in a perfect blend, the sweet and chill Lassi goes down your throat, bringing chillness from head to toe.

The rain slows to a drizzle, your favourite team scores a goal, you get reminded of the assignment and you get up to complete it by dawn.

Food is always good. Serving it in good crockery such as Borosil ( makes it better. But it is Mother’s love which makes food, one of the best thing to happen in life!

This post is written as a part of the contest My Beautiful Food, by IndiBlogger and Borosil.


God Bless


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