Y for Yuck– A to Z Blogging Challenge April 2014 – Comments I’ve Received

‘Yuck’ – expressing strong disgust! Or irritation too. Usually I don’t irritate anyone. But when I, there’s no mercy 😀

What is life without some generous doses of fun and frolic. Our lives should have a good purpose which forms the axis for living. But, at the same time we need to detox and unwind from the monotonous way we live. 

Friendly arguments and bashings are always good. The more we argue, the more we bond with our friends. And I feel mutual praising between friends is too artificial and such a relation couldn’t be friendship, or not a relationship at all!

I’ve seen guys who are so close to each other, yet fight every single day, every single hour. There is no enmity in these fights. Only fun and amusement.

All’s well that ends well. The A to Z Blogging Challenge April 2014 is headed to a glorious end. Happy and Content!


God Bless


3 thoughts on “Yuck

  1. Hi Kaushik .. you can laugh uproariously at yucky things … and comments with ‘yuck’ in when said in truth but jest … the things we understand … Yuck is a good word too …

    And people are fun aren’t they .. love and hate, but get on so well …

    Good to have met you during the challenge and hope we keep in touch .. cheers Hilary


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