W for Warm– A to Z Blogging Challenge April 2014 – Comments I’ve Received

‘Warm’ – a trait to listen to the worries and troubles of someone. A warm person is someone who could empathize with one, give a shoulder to lean over, advise over any issue.

I may not give a suitable solution or an amicable fix to the one’s problems. But I can give a patient hearing to what they say, to what their heart says. Once the words are out from the heart, mind becomes more relaxed. A relaxed mind could take better steps to solve the problem.

No one can understand the problem, than the other who goes through it.So I honestly feel that the solution for any problem should come from within. The person who faces the fix must come up with his/her own solution, that will definitely be the best!

Have an amazing Weekend!


God Bless


3 thoughts on “Warm

  1. Hi Kaushik – that’s a good one for me today .. I’m suffering with a dodgy pc that needs to be fixed tomorrow! I definitely need to fix it ..

    But exactly as you say … we all need to overcome our own hurdles in life … cheers Hilary


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