Voting #7 of 100 H-Days

Voting is a fundamental right and a duty. It’s an honour indeed. I’m honoured and happy to have fulfilled my duty. This election (General Elections 2014) is more special for me because it’s the first time I’ve voted. It’d be etched in my memory forever!


Once when I was young..maybe 5-6 year old, I accompanied my grandma to the polling station. At that time all I knew was, elections were held once in 5 years and we should should go to the school nearby and stamp the ballot and drop it in a box and one person will put a mark on our finger 😀

As I grew, I realised the significance of democracy and the importance of voting in a democracy, especially in one of the largest democracy in the world. Also the role every citizen plays (should play) to determine the fate of the nation.

Vote for anyone, but PLEASE VOTE!..was the advice that I had for my friends and fellow citizens. Ideologies differ from one person to another, and so the party they would like to vote. I respect the views of others, and I’m not a politician too. I don’t discuss politics much, though love to have a keen watch on the latest happenings, and also lend an ear to the political gossips.

The votes are to be counted on the 16th of next month, when the results would be known. I’m not anxious or tensed, for this isn’t my first year term results. (I was cool for the rest of the terms :P) Still eager to know the outcome. No other go than to wait, and carry on with my routine until then.


God Bless


I'd be happy if you left behind a line or two..

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