U for Ugly– A to Z Blogging Challenge April 2014 – Comments I’ve Received

The ugliness of a person isn’t physical, but internal. It is present in the mind of a person. Admitting that the mind was ugly at some time isn’t bad, though refusing to do so is!

At some part of our lives, our mind held on to various prejudices, stereotypes, ego, jealousness, greed, anger, pride (in the negative sense), and various other vices. It is true that we do not know the consequences of fire, unless and until we touch it. Once this unruly master becomes our faithful servant, we replace the vice with a virtue and it is definitely a good thing. It’s good to forgive the gory past, but not to forget that the saint had a past and the sinner has a future.

I strongly feel that we shouldn’t ignore or close our eyes to the ugliness that exists and is created. Our ignorance or closing of senses do no good, rather increase the disastrous consequences of anything ugly. It’s our duty and honour to clean up the mess from our minds first and then from the society.


God Bless


9 thoughts on “Ugly

  1. I like the words you’ve used in your A to Z blog. I had to go back and catch up on what I’ve missed.
    I enjoyed reading your thoughts on the different words. I like your attitude. Good food for thought.


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