T for Trustworthy– A to Z Blogging Challenge April 2014 – Comments I’ve Received

‘Trustworthy’ – a trait that I love to possess, and to see in whom I meet. The basic necessity one requires to live in a society is being trustworthy. Without being trustworthy, the world around us would crumble. Being honest begets respect and honour. And no wonder we’ve been taught Honesty is the best policy, right from our childhood.

One thing that my friends love about me, is my ability to safeguard their secrets. I make sure not to reveal any of the secrets that my friends have shared with me. And that’s the reason my friends prefer me, to share their secret troubles and problems. Though I may not give an amicable solution to their problem, I give them a safe and patient ear. Moreover I get to know their secrets too 😉

I feel that trust and being trustworthy are the basic tenets of life. Uncountable prayers are said everyday to the Supreme knowing that the prayers would be answered though not immediately, a baby feels warm and comfortable in the hands of her parents knowing they would care for her always, a child waves goodbye to his father at the school gate knowing he would be picked back the same evening, we fall asleep every night knowing that we would see the sunrise the next morning.

Keep cool, have trust, be trustworthy and have an awesome day!

P.S. I’m gonna vote for the first time tomorrow, for the polls ( Polls – 2014 ), with the trust and hope that the new government would bring in new changes and challenges 🙂


God Bless



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