Q for Queer – A to Z Blogging Challenge April 2014 – Comments I’ve Received

Well, I’m going way too honest here 😀 Anyway it’s true that some have thought me to be ‘Queer’. I’m silent yet outspoken, wear some colourful outfits quite often, have a ‘gay-like-face’..and it is the stereotype that people hold in their minds, which make them think so.

We humans should stand for each other. It doesn’t make one a lesser woman or a lesser man. One needn’t be a child to be a child rights activist. And the same logic applies to all aspects of life.

I always find it funny (and irritated at times too!), when I come to know the stereotypes that some people hold in their minds. The character of a person belonging to a particular ethnicity, religion, country, orientation, etc* is not the same as that of another person from the same kinship.

And I’m least annoyed or disturbed by any opinion that some people hold on me. We live our lives and there is no need to accommodate the whims of someone into our lives. And who is to judge the life of one, who lives as intended by God?!

BTW why to rebuff a compliment that isn’t offensive 😉

* – the list of differences that we’ve created to distinguish ourselves is infinite


God Bless


5 thoughts on “Queer

  1. Hi Kaushik – I agree with you .. but I prefer the old definition of odd or eccentric – sometimes it’s difficult to adjust and not say gay, when one means cheerful ..

    Such is life .. nothing as ‘queer as folks’ as the saying goes … Happy Easter – cheers Hilary


    1. Hi Hilary..I too prefer the older and better interpretation of being gay – happy and cheerful 🙂
      But it is a bit difficult to explain in today’s terms.
      Happy Easter


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