N for Neat – A to Z Blogging Challenge April 2014 – Comments I’ve Received

‘Neat’ – the habit of arranging things in an orderly fashion. Though it is termed as a ‘girly’ attribute, I’m proud to possess it.

There’s no doubt or a second thought for me to say that I’ve got this habit from my grandparents, or more specifically from my grandma. I stayed with my grandparents for about a decade and I learnt this art, rather I was moulded into being neat and tidy by them.

Being neat is not that bad at all. It actually makes one’s life more disciplined and hassle-free. The benefits of being neat in anything that we do, is realized only late in life, when we’re expected to do things on our own.

Making the bed, folding sheets, arranging the book/cloth shelves, folding shirts, cleaning my keyboard, etc, etc…are necessary life hacks and they helped me a lot during my short stay in college hostel.

And let’s create the need and necessity for a neat and nice world.


God Bless


7 thoughts on “Neat

  1. I’m pretty neat. Actually my post for tomorrow is organized! Something I got from my mom. Things get cluttered around my house with four kids but I can’t really relax until it’s all put away. 🙂


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