M for Mischievous – A to Z Blogging Challenge April 2014 – Comments I’ve Received

‘Mischievous’ – to be playful and create friendly trouble. Not too often, else one would be termed troublesome.

There would be a distinct memory or incident where one would’ve done something very mischievous in their childhood. And that will one of the best memory too, though embarrassing it might turn out 😉

Being mischievous is not being childlike, or doing silly pranks. But being playful and bringing in the element of cheerfulness and joy within the gang. Being mischievous at times, helps us to come up with creative ideas and solutions for impending problems (based on my personal experiences)

Mischievous kids and people, though receive a lot of scoldings. But they are the most loved ones. The fun that comes along with them, is something that is irreplaceable! So let’s get into some mischief and brighten up the lives of us and others too.


God Bless




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