Puthaandu #6 of 100 H-Days

It’s festive time, again. And it starts with the Tamil New Year today. It brings a doubled advantage. I can restart the resolutions that I’ve started some 3 months back, and have almost forgotten it! 😀

Puthaandu – Tamil New Year always had a special place in my heart. During my school days, the final exams get over by the first week of April, and the summer vacations would start with the celebrations of the New Year.

One beautiful thing, that I’ve look forward in any festive day, is decorating the main door with Thoranam – the garland made of fresh, green mango leaves.

In progress

 I can still remember the days when I would hand pick the mango leaves one by one, rejecting the not-so-good ones and give it my grandpa who’d tie them in a string and adorn it on the threshold. Sooner I picked up this ‘art’ and it was me who would do this task on any festival day. Standing on a stool I’d tie the string over. I’ve grown so much that I don’t need the stool anymore, but the happiness that I used to have, hasn’t diminished any little.

The fragrance of fresh mango leaves lend a touch to the festive mood, and I seriously feel that should one of the main reason, for it to be used in any special occasion. It is this feel that I’ve fallen in love with, still continuing, and will go on.

As I was doing this operation today morning, thought of a small poem…

Looking fresh, also bright and green
Too awesome, some broad and some lean.
Very simple, yet brimming with grace
Adding allure, and also charm to the place.
Among those to adorn, the most prominent
And in fests, the most dominant.

P.S. It doesn’t the describe the mango leaves alone 😉


God Bless


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