Favourite Five

We human beings have always had the urge to travel, travel miles, travel a lot. Early men travelled a lot on foot. The urge to travel and transport made him invent the wheel, which was a milestone in the history of humanity. Later there were travelers such as Columbus, Vasco da Gama, Hsuan Tsang, and many others who went on dangerous voyages, discovered new land, new cultures and documented their findings. Some of these voyages have even changed the course of the world’s history.

Okay, now to the topic. This post lists my favourite five (well, the list is quite long) destinations that I love visit in my lifetime. 

I’ve always desired to visit Paris from my school days. I had to learn about the French history and the architecture of Paris in my French classes. This had brought my fascination for Paris. Reading the Da Vinci Code increased the fascination still further. The Eiffel Tower, Notre-Dame Cathedral, Louvre Museum, Arc de Triomphe, the vineyards in its outskirts, the list of must-see at Paris is endless. Paris is in the top of my must-visit destination, et les plans aussi 🙂

Karni Mata Temple
Karni Mata Temple or popularly known as the Rat Temple, is yet another amazing place situated near Bikaner, Rajasthan. I came to know about this temple from a travel magazine. This temple dedicated to Karni Mata, is abounded by rats. It’s considered a blessing to eat the prasad, eaten by the rats in this temple. An interesting fact is that there has been no outbreak of plague or any other disease in the neighbourhood of this temple. Truly amazing!

Angkor Wat
The largest temple in the world. I’ve seen numerous programs on Angkor Wat in various channels, that showcased the various aspects of this temple. Have read several articles and travelogues too, which describe the grandeur of Angkor Wat, that makes me passionate to undertake this pilgrimage.

A beautiful town of temples and palaces, in the heart of India. I came to know of this little town in Madhya Pradesh, from a Railway Guide. Doing some research on this place over the internet, got more information on it. Orchha is a beautiful example for the bygone royal splendour. Since this place is relatively not that popular, it is quiet and apt for a wannabe single traveller like me.

Okay..there’s no rule that I’ve to post about the destinations on the Earth, and I’m not completely insane too. Movies such as Total Recall, Avatar and other science fictions have been the inspiration behind this wish of mine. I may not be able to visit it in my lifetime, still I don’t think this is impossible.The future is uncertain and anything considered bizarre now, may be a reality in a few years. Mangalyaan is on its way to Mars, and let wait and watch out for any Mars expeditions!

This post is written for 5 Places you would love to visit in this lifetime, by IndiSpire – IndiBlogger.


God Bless



2 thoughts on “Favourite Five

  1. Great list! Yet to visit any of these destinations though 🙂 Proud of 2,3 & 4 as they have India connection.
    You are right that no one can predict the future & Space travel & inter-planetary travel will soon be a reality 🙂
    Best wishes!


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