K for Keen – A to Z Blogging Challenge April 2014 – Comments I’ve Received

‘Keen’ – nature of a person to get involved in things and also the instinctive to learn something new. 

I do my thing and inquisitive to do everything…the one-liner that I fill in most of the About Me sections. It was this inquisitive nature, that made me to start blogging and I’m here now and happy!

By birth, one acquires this quality. The keenness to explore the world and beyond, is inborn. Though the interest fades away, in the lives of some.

P.S 1: ‘K’ is my favourite letter, and no cookies for guessing why is it so 😉 

P.S 2: Sorry for the short post. Quite a busy start to weekend.

P.S 3: Will be back with a bang, with L 🙂


God Bless



5 thoughts on “Keen

  1. Hi Kaushik – Keen is a good word … we need to be keen and not to glance off thoughts or knowledge … I love knowledge and learning .. K good letter for you Kaushik! Cheers Hilary


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