J for Jovial – A to Z Blogging Challenge April 2014 – Comments I’ve Received

‘Jovial’ describes a person filled with joy, cheer, happiness and infecting it to the people around. Wouldn’t it be a shower of blessing, when someone says that I’m a jovial person 🙂

Being jovial doesn’t mean cracking silly jokes all time. A simple smile or a warm handshake, or a cheerful hug is enough to brighten up the ambience. As said before, these are highly contagious emotions, which can easily spread among those near oneself and make someone’s day.

Being jovial reduces the tension of the scenario and helps one, for sure, to tackle the situation, however hard it might seem. Once the tension and hecticity of our daily lives are removed, life become more pleasurable and happy. 


God Bless




3 thoughts on “Jovial

  1. Hi Kaushik … I like hecticity as a word – fun! Oh yes we all need jovial people around us .. or we need to have that light-hearted touch, as well as having a hug available and ready when necessary .. Jovial is a wonderful word to remember to use, and to be .. cheers Hilary


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