H for Happy-go-Lucky – A to Z Blogging Challenge April 2014 – Comments I’ve Received

‘Happy-go-Lucky’ is attributed to a person, who is carefree, not bothered about the future and enjoys the moment. And no wonder I’ve been credited to be one such person.

It would be justifiable if were such person, a few years back, but not anymore. With authority comes responsibility, and with age the authority that we have over our lives increases. My responsibilities have increased for certain. Whether I fulfill them or not, is a different question and that’d need a different answer, with suitable justifications 😀

Being a Happy-go-Lucky person is heaven. No worries about the future, or the present, life can be enjoyed to the fullest. Though one cannot afford to be in this state throughout their life, at some age surely one would have experienced the happiness of being such.

To be honest, it’s good to remove the heavy blanket of worries, problems, pressure to relax and feel the happiness, to heart. And come back with a bang to handle our life, effectively!


God Bless


11 thoughts on “Happy-go-Lucky

  1. Hi Kaushik – you’re right about the happy go lucky child, then life alters .. and we need that responsibility angle .. so we can to a point and at times be really happy go lucky and relaxed with our lot .. great thoughts .. Hilary


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