F for Funny – A to Z Blogging Challenge April 2014 – Comments I’ve Received

‘Funny’ is a comment that I’ve given and received, very generously. There are times when I’ve wondered what the fun is all about, when someone says it is funny. And also there are times I wonder why someone terms things as funny, when obviously it is! Confusing?! 

Work without Fun, makes Jack a dull guy..The age old saying. What is life without fun and fantasy? The meaning of life is lost, moving fast and forward, without having some fun in right doses. Fun and fantasy are very much essential for the smooth functioning of life, without any friction!

Family, Friends, Food, Films, Fitness, Fights, Facebook, Facepalm moments, Fantasies, Fables, Facts, Fictions, Flowers, Folk, Farming…the various flavours of fun is beyond finity!

Along with fun, the other most important factor, which increases the fragrance of life is Faith. Faith in the Supreme, Faith in our parents, Faith in ourselves, Faith that the sun doesn’t fail to rise tomorrow, Faith that the moon doesn’t forget to wax and wane…is sustaining and will sustain our lives!

So let’s have faith in ourselves, and also not forget to have some fun, to lead a fantabulous life!


God Bless



10 thoughts on “Funny

  1. Hi Kaushik – I enjoy your posts for each letter – and it is as you say essential we include some fun in our hectic life-styles .. cheers Hilary


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