D for Dirty – A to Z Blogging Challenge April 2014 – Comments I’ve Received

‘Dirty’ – the word I was most scared of, in childhood. Scared if someone would term me as a dirty boy! Spilt food on dress, unkempt hair, unclean nails, runny nose, torn brown-wrappers on books, unpolished shoes, shoes without socks, bad handwriting, etc, etc were epitomes of being dirty.

An interesting thing that I’ve noticed is that, the conception or the level of being dirty keeps changing with age. Though some of the mentioned above still remain a dirty-thing 😉 The tolerance level to ‘dirty’ increases with age (not always, in all cases)

The houses in my school was divided into five – Daffodils, Red Roses, Shamrocks, Blue Bells and Violets. Though not arch rivals, during times of inter-house activities, the amount of bashing would increase (it was full of fun, and nothing serious) As a part of house-bashing, a ‘theme’ caption was dedicated to the house that I belonged to – Daffodils

“Yellow Yellow Dirty Fellow, sitting on the buffalo”…Quite a famous quote, which I still find it irritating, owing to the amount of it I received! By the way, we weren’t far behind, and framed far better ‘theme’ captions for the other houses.

Concluding with a thought – Let’s get rid of the dirty-things around us, and make our world more clean and green!

Eager for the E post


God Bless


11 thoughts on “Dirty

  1. Hi Kaushik … dirty has changed somewhat in meaning too – it used to be a simple word – sadly now it sometimes has other connotations … but getting cleaned up doesn’t change! I like the names of your school houses … very English flower names .. cheers Hilary


    1. Hi Hilary..What you said is very true! And I didn’t want to venture into the other connotations..just retain the ‘charm and innocence’ of dirty! 😀


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