B for Brilliant – A to Z Blogging Challenge April 2014 – Comments I’ve Received

‘Brilliant’ is one comment, which could be deciphered in two ways, depending upon the context which receives this impressive word. I post something that is really good and appreciable, for which I get the compliment Brilliant – that’s definitely an appreciation. But then later, I post something stupid and silly, which again attracts the word Brilliant – a beautiful sarcasm. But I love sarcasms!

In my childhood, a teacher appreciating me to be Brilliant, was an awesome moment. Who would not like it anyway?! But as we grow up, we tend to belittle the simple pleasures of life. Getting appreciations is one such thing. We run behind so many things in life, only to realize that it isn’t that worthy!

Oops, coming back on track, let me confess one thing! Earlier I had said about the two situations where we (rather I) receive the comment ‘Brilliant’. And i’ve received the most with respect to the second one. Well not that i’m silly and stupid always. But at times, just to enjoy the childlike moments, sadly termed as ‘being silly’.


God Bless


17 thoughts on “Brilliant

  1. Brilliant 😉 haha No really! When people don’t know what to comment, the standard words are awesome, brilliant and so on! This also happens when the posts aren’t read completely. Nice context though. Keep em coming.


  2. Hi Kaushik .. sometimes we dash past … but sarcasm can be huge fun .. well done on the B letter … and yes keeping barracking us with different approaches .. cheers Hilary


  3. Well, I like your posts. The few I’ve read so far from the default homepage were light and funny, I feel like you are a ray of sunshine. I think I’m gonna follow you 🙂 (A-to-Z’er here, BTW:D )


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